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Tribute to Heroes: 70 Years Since the Bloodiest Battle of WW2

The bloodiest and longest standoff of WWII – the Battle of Stalingrad – lasted 200 days and claimed 2 million lives. Russia and the rest of the free world are marking the 70th anniversary of this epic struggle, which became the turning point leading to overthrow of Nazi Germany.

The anniversary of the Soviet victory in what was the biggest land battle of WWII will be widely celebrated throughout Russia on Saturday. About 1,000 guests have arrived in Volgograd – formerly Stalingrad – to participate in the celebrations, including a military parade, battle reconstructions, fireworks and more.

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Kustendorf: World’s Most Beautiful Woman to Play a Serbian

The sixth Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival was, indeed, star-studded. It was also an event marked by a flurry of requests by hundreds of media outlets around the world, interested in covering the prestigious manifestation. Festival organizers found themselves in trouble, since the accommodation capacities in Drvengrad are rather limited.

A Far More Objective Picture of Serbia

– The last time such a large number of foreign reporters was “in the region” was before the start of NATO aggression, and before that, during the civil war and disintegration of former Yugoslavia, – Kusturica reminded.

– This time around, a far more objective and truthful picture will be sent from Serbia into the world, – Festival founder and host said.

Strikingly Gorgeous Bellucci to Play a Serbian Woman

Hosted by the famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica in Drvengrad, his ethnic village in the heart of Serbia, Kustendorf Festival has wrapped up its sixth successful season. But Emir and this year Festival’s strikingly gorgeous star are just beginning the work on their joint new project.

Italian actress and international film star Monica Bellucci, according to many the world’s most beautiful woman, has accepted a leading role in Kusturica’s new film. She will play a Serbian woman caught in the whirlwind of the last bloody civil war which tore former Yugoslavia apart.

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Serbia Blind to Croat Long-Term Goals

Historian Vasilije Krestić, member of Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SANU), talks about relations between Serbs and Croats, Kosovo and Metohija province, EU, Vojvodina, SANU, politicians… “Croatian goal is a large, ethnically clean, Roman Catholic Croatia. We have tied our ship to EU, which is taking Kosovo province away from us”, Krestić said.

“Croatia’s political goals for the last 150 years are: Croatia cleansed of Serbs, border on Drina river, and annexation of parts of Serbia’s northern province of Vojvodina. All of our politicians who are negotiating with Croats ought to be aware of these facts. This is a standard Croatian policy and it has not changed”, says Krestić.

Academic Vasilije Krestić, who has been researching the history of Serbo-Croat relations for many years, points out that Serbian politicians ignore the Croatian political goals, and get uncritically involved in discussions about “improving relations”. Improved relations, Krestić claims, can only be built on the basis of reciprocity – one gets as much as he gives.

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Orthodox New Year Celebration in UN

Belgrade’s Viva Vox choir, performing a capella – without instruments, ushered the New 2013 Year with a concert in United Nations General Assembly in New York, on January 14, the first day of the New Year according to the Julian calendar.

Serbia Ushers Orthodox New Year in United Nations

An arrangement of traditional Serbian songs, mixed with world pop/rock and classical music was greeted with standing ovations. Among the best received was the famous Serbian First World War March to Drina.

The glorious March was composed by Stanislav Binički in 1914, in honor of the bravery of the Serbian Army, after winning a triumphal Battle of Cer, the first victory for the Allied forces in WWI.

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Kusturica: Gotovina the Next Nobel Peace Prize Laureate?

Those who think general Gotovina story ends here are mistaken. I’m afraid we are in for new surprises. Mostly due to the humanitarian character of the international community.

Humanitarian Character of the International Community

The international community has been accustomizing us to humane bombs and angelic forms of war. In the end, the international community and its organizations knew how to reward guardians of the world peace.

We don’t know what was all that for which the judge earlier blasted general Gotovina with 24 years in prison. It must have been a heavy crime. But this one who unblasted him now surely has a vision. What’s worse, he’s done nothing if the whole thing ends with the acquittal. It can easily happen that they go further, guided by their humanitarian ideas.

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Featured Articles

featuredimage Nikola Tesla’s Youngest Descendant, Serbian Refugee

Danijela Tesla, the youngest descendant of the world’s greatest inventor Nikola Tesla, was only 5-years-old when she was forced to flee another Croat pogrom against the Serbs in Krajina, birthplace of the “man who invented 20th century”.

featuredimage Serbian Iliad in Oil by Pavle Paja Jovanović

Serbia has dedicated year 2009 to Pavle “Paja” Jovanović (1859-1957), nation’s greatest academic realist painter alongside Uroš Predić. On the occasion of 150 years since his birth, an exhibition of Pavle Jovanović’s paintings, drawings and sketches is being held from June 16 to July 16, in the town of Vršac (84 km northeast of Belgrade), the great master’s birthplace.

Born on 4 June 1859, Pavle Jovanović was a son of professional photographer Stevan Jovanović, a gifted artist in his own right.
His extravagant talent became apparent in the early childhood, when attending liturgical services with his parents before the iconostasis painted by Pavle Đurković and Arsa Teodorović left a permanent imprint on Jovanović’s aesthetic sensibility, sparking passion for monumental epic compositions that will follow prodigal painter throughout his life and on his many journeys.

featuredimage Alexander Dorin: “Srebrenica Massacre” is a Western Myth

“In the West, the popular mythology about 7,000-8,000 Muslim men being executed in Srebrenica in 1995 is still alive and well, but independent research shows some 2,000 Bosnian Muslim fighters were killed in battle for Srebrenica and that is the number of bodies Hague investigators were able to find”, said Swiss researcher Alexander Dorin, who has been investigating Srebrenica events for the past 14 years.

In his latest book titled “Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism” (Srebrenica — die Geschichte eines salonfahigen Rassismus) published this month in Berlin, Dorin focuses on manipulations with the number of Muslims who lost their lives in Srebrenica.

featuredimage Serbian Brothers in Germany: Lusatian Serbs

Just like in the 1990s, during the civil war in the territory of former Yugoslavia, in recent years too German media supported the decision of their government both when it came to recognizing the mafia state on Serbian territory — its Kosovo and Metohija province — and when it was decided Germany should be the first country in the world to raise their office in Priština to the level of embassy.

Only one political party, the Left (Die Linke), led by two prominent politicians Oskar Lafontaine (former German finance minister and ex chairman of the leading Social Democratic Party) and Gregor Gizi, distanced itself from those decisions. Last year was the first time Die Linke received a significant number of votes also on the territory of the former West Germany, in addition to its popularity in the former East Germany. But although Die Linke represents the opinion of many Germans, the mainstream media in Germany noted their opposition to imposed redrawing of Serbian borders only at the very bottom of newspapers, as a side note. Much greater attention was given to the information that “Lusatian Serbs oppose the secession of Kosovo province from Serbia.”

featuredimage Srebrenica ID, by Milivoje Ivanišević

Milivoje Ivanišević, a publicist and war-crimes investigator in former Bosnia-Herzegovina, in his essay “Searching for the Truth,” proves that there are at least two sides (he refers to them two “Identification Cards” or “IDs”) for Srebrenica, which are tied to the events that took place in July 1995.

The Srebrenica ID Card, full 34-page report by Milivoje Ivanisevic in PDF format, published in Serbian in May 2007, by Glas Javnosti, and translated by Milo Yelesiyevich.

featuredimage Kosovo: Can You Imagine?

“Although I expected Western sources to differ from reality, I never expected to find people living in ghettos in the 21st century in Europe,” Boris Malagurski, a young Canadian filmmaker who just finished documentary about the Serbian Kosovo province, said.

Shocked with the abysmal lack of even the most basic human rights for the remaining Kosovo-Metohija Serbs, stranded in a province brutally carved out of Serbia by the powerful Western states, which used Albanian terrorists and criminals to impose dismemberment of a UN-member state, Boris Malagurski decided to make a documentary that would offer an unembellished glimpse into everyday dread in a land butchered away.

Robin de Ruiter: Who Killed Slobodan Milošević and Why

Sudden suspicious death of former Yugoslav and Serbian President Slobodan Milošević in Hague Tribunal’s detention cell continues to raise questions among the researchers and independent media six years later.

Public UN Debate About The Hague Tribunal

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) President Vuk Jeremić has called a public debate for April 10, 2013 on the role and performance of international ad hoc criminal tribunals founded by the UN in achieving justice and reconciliation among nations.

Statesman Wins Russia Elections

March 4, 2012 will be remembered in history books as the day the world’s only remaining statesman convincingly won Russia’s presidential elections.

President Vladimir Putin – a true statesman and the greatest leader the world has seen since World War II – has no peers today.

The Tall Tale of General Ratko Mladić’s Arrest

“Spasi Srbiju i ubij se, Borise!” – Save Serbia and kill yourself, Boris! – is a few years-old slogan Serbs have been chanting to their president Boris Tadić – in the streets, in sports’ arenas, during frequent rallies and demonstrations.

Albanian Drug Ring Busted in Brooklyn, NY

What about the US senators, congressmen and presidential candidates who were the beneficiaries of Albanian crime syndicates?

According to the AP, “A ruthless syndicate of ethnic Albanians in the United States, Canada and Europe orchestrated a multimillion drug-dealing scheme spanning a decade, at times hiding shipments of cocaine in luxury cars and using gunplay and other violence to protect its turf” […]

Srebrenica Forensics: 1919-1923 Victims in Total

Follow Srebrenica myth, divorced from facts and devoid of truth, spun by the Washington and Brussels bureaucrats in collusion with Bosnian Muslim leadership, is further promoted by the brainless cult followers like Mia Farrow (above, piously mourning Bosnian Muslim cutthroats in Srebrenica). Unfortunately, the incurable narcissists always on a hunt for occasions to feel good […]

The Latest Ignored News

Have you read the latest news about the cutest squirrel in the world jumping in front of a young couple’s camera on vacation? Did you know that Michael Jackson’s brain wasn’t buried with the rest of his remains? How about the outrage over that evil Republican yelling “You lie!” to Obama, in the midst of another of his historical speeches? How horrific is the announcement that Oprah might quit her daytime show after this season, her only 19,678th in a row? Welcome to the Western mainstream media, where you get well entertained and superbly brainwashed, but never properly informed.

16 Years Since the Medak Pocket Massacre

September 9 marks 16 years since the massacre Croat forces committed in the villages and hamlets south and southeast from the town Gospić in Serbian Krajina, called Medak Pocket (Medački Džep) — a UN safe haven — mutilating, raping, setting on fire and killing 88 Serbs. Memorial services to the victims were held throughout Serbian lands, and in the Church of Saint Mark in Belgrade.

Kosovo is Serbia, by Dr. Vojin Joksimovich

“This ebook tells the sad story of US foreign policy blunders in the Balkans. It is a shameful tale of duplicity, double standards, and mismanagement. The backing of Albanian terrorists, the bombing of Serbia and the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state mark a historic turning point. If Americans really want to know why their country is no longer regarded as ‘the home of the brave and the land of the free,’ they should read this ebook.” (James Bissett, Former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania)

Phase of “Soft” Ethnic Cleansing of Serbian Kosovo Province

Unable to carry out the final pogrom of the remaining Serbs and other non-Albanians in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija while the World Court is deliberating on the illegality of Priština’s unilateral declaration of independence, ruling Albanian terrorists, guided by the Empire’s administrators, are using other methods to finish the ethnic cleansing of the province […]

Sarajevo Political Circle Destroying Bosnia

Caught in feverish calculations on how to stretch Western occupation of Bosnia and arduous Croat-Muslim Federation an inch further, in the midst of growing distrust and resentfulness among Bosnia’s rightfully embittered Serbs and Croats, Washington and Brussels are yet again carefully circumventing reality, and blaming Bosnian Serbs and Croats for destructive Sarajevo politics, where the very same people who were waging the bloody jihad against the country’s Christians from 1992-1995 are still in power.

Clinton’s Big Lie: “Srebrenica Massacre”

When former Bosnian viceroy, a mouth-frothing Serbophobe Paddy Ashdown (who didn’t blink an eye while shamelessly lying under oath in the Hague, in an attempt to smear the Serbs with another nonexistent crime), ordered forming of the “Srebrenica Commission” under the banner of the Bosnian Serb Government in 2004, he probably never imagined his ploy to falsify “Serb confession” would eventually backfire. Satisfied with the boastful headlines his crafty little maneuver produced in the Western mainstream media, Ashdown went on his merry way into oblivion, leaving his Srebrenica Commission investigators to disclose their actual findings.

The Right of Might, Religion of the Psychopaths Ruling the World

Understanding the world we live in and the appalling moves and decisions by the Western political elites is impossible without understanding the goals and beliefs of the psychopaths who run the show. If you are properly programmed and therefore quick to dismiss everything contrary to the popular mythology as a “conspiracy theory”, keep reading, because the joke is on you.

Mainstream Media or Retard Informs Retards

In the past two years in United States we had four Yugoslavian terrorists who wanted to “kill as many American soldiers as possible”, a coldblooded Yugoslavian murderer who shot a man in the face, killing him in broad daylight in the midst of New York, a Bosnian mass murderer who gunned down random mall shoppers, two naturalized Americans who wanted to wage violent jihad around the world, and a Bosnian beauty — all belonging to none of the world’s known nations, and mostly coming from a nonexistent country.

Journalists of Serbia Seek Justice for their Colleagues Kidnapped and Killed in Kosovo Province

The Association of Journalists of Serbia today staged peaceful protests in front of EULEX headquarters in Priština. In a meeting with EULEX Chief Yves de Kermabon, they requested investigations to be ordered regarding the journalists kidnapped and killed in Kosovo and Metohija province, in the period from the beginning of 1998 to the end of 2000.