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KLA Atrocities: Horror House at the End of the World

Sep 25th, 2008 | By | In Current, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis
At the end of the world: Spiegel article

Kosovo Albanian Organ Harvesting Atrocities: Albanian Village at the End of Civilization

German weekly Der Spiegel in its September 21 story “from the end of the world” writes about a village near the Albanian town of Burrel and the basement of the Katuchi family house where, according to the testimony of the Hague’s former chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, kidnapped Kosovo-Metohija Serbs had their vital organs extracted for sale.

In her book “The Hunt, Me and War Criminals”, Del Ponte wrote that in the immediate aftermath of the 1998-1999 insurgency war in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, when NATO troops were already stationed in the province, Albanian KLA terrorists transported some 300 kidnapped men, mostly Serbs, to Kukes and Tropoja on the border with neighboring Albania, from where the youngest and the strongest ones were taken to the village Ribe, near Burrel.

KLA Leaders are Now Highest Ranking Kosovo Province Politicians

Del Ponte cites testimonies of eight eyewitnesses, all of whom, independently from each other, said the same thing: that in the basement of a yellow house in village Ribe, a medical doctor — “an Albanian from [Kosovo-Metohija] town of Pech, with the prominently hooked nose” — extracted organs of fifty kidnapped men.

“In the meantime, the eyewitnesses have vanished entirely”, one of the former investigators told Spiegel.

Weekly cites former investigators’ doubts in the willingness of the witnesses to give any statements, since that would be a problem for the former KLA leaders, who are at present the highest ranking political officials in Kosovo province.

Albanian Map
Albanian town Kukes (red arrow) bordering Serbia, where the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs were first taken. Town Burrel, further to the south, near which the vital organs of the kidnapped Serbs were harvested, is also marked with the red arrow.

“That is why they fear that every statement would be a certain death sentence for them,” the investigator said.

So the last hope that the light will be shed on these events is placed in the Council of Europe Special Investigator Dick Marty, who should investigate the case within two years, Spiegel says, noting the Swiss earlier probed CIA’s illegal transfers and secret prisons in Europe.

At the End of the World

“Village near Burrel is called Ribe and this ‘house of horrors’ is not only at the end of the village, but also at the end of civilization”, Spiegel writes, explaining that the road behind the house is blocked by the ingrown, unkempt thorny foliage and that the gorge below is being used as a garbage depot.

Describing the conversation with 77-year-old owner of the “house of horrors” Abdul Katuchi, Spiegel quotes the old man saying how one day, in February 2004, while he was with the sheep up on a hill, armed policemen and foreigners came to his house, along with one Albanian prosecutor, how they turned everything upside-down, took even the cigarette buts with them, and spritzed the rooms with some liquid to find traces of blood.

Katuchi complained that, because of this, members of his family, even with the small baby, had to spend two nights in cold.

According to Katuchi, the UN investigative team was particularly interested in one basement room, where the concrete floor was painted black. They wanted to scrape and drill the floors, but he told them they can do that only under condition that they pay him for the damages. After that “the men and one woman” pulled back, Katuchi said, claiming that he learned only in April this year, when Carla Del Ponte’s book was published, what were they looking for in his house.

Cover of Carla Del Ponte book

He told Spiegel reporters that, if he wasn’t “so poor”, he would “sue Del Ponte before the European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg”.

Gaping Holes in Katuchis’ Story

“So, everything is false? The organ trade is no more than part of the conspiracy theory from the Balkan pits? Most probably, not”, Spiegel concludes, pointing to the gaping holes in the old man’s story, attentively followed by his grandchildren, who were eagerly jumping in to help him put together half-decent explanations.

One of the issues the old man couldn’t explain was the question about the infusion bottles with muscle relaxants, bandages and syringes found by the investigators around his house.

“In these surroundings, without the appropriate medical care, it is entirely normal for people to inject themselves in the emergency,” a 26-year-old Katuchi’s granddaughter told Spiegel, which assessed such “explanation” hardly sounds convincing.

Speaking about the blood traces found in their house, Katuchi’s granddaughter said that “one woman gave birth there” and, “besides, during the Islamic holidays, that is where the cattle is being slayed”. In the basement.

They jump in to help their grandfather when it comes to the color of the house too: all of the eyewitnesses have described the house as yellow, but it is white now. Katuchis have a ready explanation up their sleeves for that as well. Although at first they kept claiming their house was “always white”, the granddaughter eventually managed to “remember” it was painted over for one wedding, Spiegel writes, pointing out that the UN investigators did find the yellow paint underneath the top white coat back in 2004.


  • Organ Harvesting Scandal Dismantling “Kosova”

    By now, there is hardly a single news agency in the world that has failed to report on Del Ponte’s revelations about her foiled investigation into the gruesome chain of crimes Kosovo Albanian leaders conducted during and after the end of NATO-backed KLA insurrection in Serbia, of kidnapping young and healthy Kosovo Serbs and harvesting their vital organs for sale.


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  1. There is nothing quite bad enought ot say about the NATO country’s behaviour here. hitler did not descend to such inhumanity though, to be fair, this may be because transplant medicine barely existed then.

    “Council of Europe Special Investigator Dick Marty, who should investigate the case within two years”
    Subhuman filth.

  2. Morality seems to have been relegated to the backbenches in favour of pure interests, “humanitarian” organ harvesting inclusive. There is also distinct selectiveness in play here whereby this kind of cruelty is only acceptable on those who are earmarked for the cull. Who would have thought it? At this day and age savagery is at its most innovative and sponsored by the world’s greatest democracies.

    BTW Neil, you have an interesting and informative blog.