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Nazi War Criminal Kurt Waldheim Dead

Jun 15th, 2007 | By | In Former Yugoslavia

Waldheim Prinz Eugen
“A great Austrian,” Waldheim (fourth from left) in Podgorica, Montenegro, in 1943 with Artur Phleps, the commander of the Nazi SS Division Prinz Eugen, formed in Serbian Vojvodina initially to fight Serbian Chetnik guerrillas.

Nazi War Criminal Dies After Rich Career At the Top of the World

“Waldheim – how his friends would prefer that they didn’t read these words this morning – was based at a town called Banja Luka, a market town where Serbs and Jews and communist Croatians were murdered en masse, hanged like thrushes from mass gallows or raped to death in the nearby Jasenovac extermination camp. Waldheim would have us believe that he knew nothing of all this, that he was a mere intelligence officer for Army Group E of the Wehrmacht, whose commander, Löhr, just happened to be tried for war crimes after the Second World War” — writes Robert Fisk in today’s Independent.

As Waldheim’s compatriots mourn the loss of “a great Austrian,” lowering the flags outside the presidential palace in Vienna to half-staff, among the Serbs, former Austrian president and UN Secretary-General “will be remembered primarily as a Nazi officer involved in atrocities against Serbs and Jews in western Bosnia,” writes Nebojsa Malic, reminding that Waldheim was a “war criminal who not only ‘escaped justice’ but eventually rose to the highest office of the UN, the very organization which later (overstepping its already generously broad mandate) established the illegal ‘tribunal’ for political persecution of Balkans leaders,” overwhelmingly of Serbian ethnicity.

Waldheim Prinz Eugen
Waldeim (third from left, behind Lueters) reviewing the Nazi SS Division Prinz Eugen in Montenegro in 1943 with Artur Phleps.

Kurt Waldheim was an embodiment of Western injustice and duplicity, the representative of a self-styled Aryan Race that seized the uncontested right to reign, destroy and hold judgment over the “lesser races” of Slavs and Jews, among others, treating them as savages in need of an Enlightened Master who’ll pillage their resources and wealth, while rooting them out one way or the other — nowadays in a more “civilized,” politically correct manner, by crushing their spirits, humiliating and starving them at the doorsteps of the Aryan Empire.

U.S. Mainstream Far More Dangerous Than Totalitarian States’ Press

Commenting the CNN-AP obituaries to “a great Austrian,” Carl Savich said:

They did it again. Like with the “Albanian” vs. “Yugoslav” controversy over Fort Dix Six, the US mainstream media manipulates the facts to cover-up the actual context. In the obituary for Kurt Waldheim, they say that he was involved in the Kozara operation that killed “23,000 children”. They leave out that the 23,000 children killed were Serbian. They also leave out that the 68,000 people killed were almost all Serbian. Again, when convenient for propaganda purposes, the victims are “Yugoslav”.

Also left out is the fact that the Kozara operation was conducted with Croatian Ustasha forces, a genocidal ultra-nationalist regime and ally of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. After the war, the US helped the Croatian war criminals escape prosecution for genocide and war crimes in the Ratlines.

In 1991, a resurgent Croatia became a proxy and ally of the US. The new Croatia revived the Ustasha past.

This is just another example of how the US media is in many ways far more dangerous than the one in totalitarian states. The mainstream media is brainwashing us and manipulating us and we don’t even know it.

Historical photos provided by Carl Savich

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  1. The UN as a world institution did not live up to its designated role on world stage at any given time. For an x-NAZI war criminal to be elevated to the highest office of UN is a living proof of that. Anyone being recommended or nominated to such a high level position would be checked out thoroughly before being approved. Or, would they? I guess it depends on who is in question! After all, the personal history of Kurt Waldheim wasn’t really a well kept secret, if anyone cared to ask that is. A WWII veteran told me then that the new UN Secretary General was a NAZI who served in WWII Yugoslavia’s war-zone. I looked at him in disbelief saying that he must be mistaken, that would not be possible, I went on. The old fellow just smiled and gently said that I had a lot to learn yet. By the time the news of Kurt Waldheim’s past hit the headlines my old friend was deceased and I never had a chance to apologize to him for doubting his word.

    How right he was! I had more than a lot to learn and all my illusions about the West’s righteousness were shattered to pieces never to be reassembled again. My youthful naivety took some knocking before it fell off my blinkers. Some lessons just have to be learned the hard way.

    Present day role of the UN looks more like a handy tool for the world’s only super-power, or at least it did until Russia awakened and decided that enough is enough. I was stunned to read only days ago that the present UN Secretary General is actually openly lobbying member states to support the independence of Kosovo, Hello…… isn’t he supposed to be the world’s top diplomat who doesn’t take sides and works for the harmonious UN functionality? I’m afraid that the United Nations have become a dysfunctional world apparatus ready to be dismantled.

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  3. Thank you, 1389 (again :-))!

    You have done a great job with your mobile blog, the only thing is I don’t understand (technical) half of it… will try to learn ;-))

    P.S. No doubt it will get buried instantly. If it was a badly veiled ode to Kurt the Nazi, it would’ve been far more interesting.