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Strange Lights

Mar 6th, 2008 | By | In General, serbia
Michel Collon's book

What do These Lights Mean?

In June 1997, an official high-level representative of the French government paid a courtesy visit to a US aircraft carrier in the Adriatic Sea. The American admiral took him to the war room. There was an immense map of Yugoslavia there, with a myriad of blinking lights, most of them in Serbia.

“What do these lights mean?”, asked the French representative.

“These are the future targets of our air attacks,” replied the admiral.

Thus, a military plan was already in place almost two years before NATO asserted that it was “reacting to an intolerable humanitarian situation.”

Excerpt (pg. 27) from one of the best and most important books about NATO aggression on Serbia and media lies that led to destruction and dismemberment of Serbian state: Media Lies and the Conquest of Kosovo by Michel Collon [available at Amazon.com – buy it now and follow Collon’s outstanding dissection of the countless Western deceptions]

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