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Statesman Wins Russia Elections

Mar 6th, 2012 | By | In Earlier

President Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

The Only Remaining Statesman

March 4, 2012 will be remembered in history books as the day the world’s only remaining statesman convincingly won Russia’s presidential elections.

President Vladimir Putin – a true statesman and the greatest leader the world has seen since World War II – has no peers today.

The rest of the world is largely presided over by marionettes, or mediocre administrators and indistinguishable bureaucrats, supervising various colonized turfs for the corporate Collective and its masters.

Today, this is especially true for the entire Western world: USA, Canada, Australia and EU, with their pathetic sycophantic satellites – the part of the world that, ironically, prides itself as the “free world”, is today least free, most Orwellian and becoming more openly fascistic by the hour.

Stand Against the Global Fascism

With Vladimir Putin at its helm (for the next 12 years), Russia is the only world power standing against the global fascism already installed in most parts of the world, and established as the norm.

We are quite certain Russia and Putin will prevail. Again.


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  1. Greatest leader in modern days Russia will remember you Slava RUSSIA…

  2. What happened to the website it seemed to be down for a period?

    Anyway you might be interested in reading this as it gives a whole new insight into what is happening in the post Soviet era and how it is connected to Russia and the Balkans.



  3. Hi Jack!

    Thanks for the links – they are both leading to what seems to be detailed studies of the causes, symptoms and progression of a cancerous disease spreading around the globe. It’ll take me some time to read all of it, but that’s time well spent.

    Btw, our stand here at De-Construct.net always was that the biggest drug dealer in the world is the US government, with its countless overt and covert ‘agencies’ – and at least since Vietnam. Afghanistan and Kosovo are merely the most obvious examples (Bondsteel, from the get go, has been regarded by the majority of Serbs as CIA’s biggest heroin/crystal meth lab in Europe, built for the purpose and guarded by NATO) .

    P.S. The site has been hacked. Heavy blackhat hack, parts of the problem still remain. It’s a good thing in that it shows we must be doing something right after all. Keeping the site alive and online apparently isn’t sitting very well with some.

  4. The part about Kosovo over at Argumentations web site (i.e. Russian troops taking over Pristina airport immediately after the end of NATO aggression, and without Yeltsin knowledge) and the author’s interpretation of the event, instigators and participants, most notably Gen. Ivashov, are pure claptrap. Rubbish.

    There goes trust in the ‘facts’ this author disseminates. Judging by this excerpt and several less obvious balloons and omissions elsewhere, this is most likely few facts mixed with a lot of fiction.

    Khashoggi and Berezovski are, indeed, sinister and entirely malignant merchants of death, but they are mere pions in the big picture and the game played by major satanists out there, making their moves through the most powerful Western governments, with those governments’ knowledge, consent and full compliance. Yes, it’s the new fascism. Helped by Khashoggis, Berezovskiis and Tacis of the world, but installed by much more prominent figures, governments and government organizations.