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Kustendorf: World’s Most Beautiful Woman to Play a Serbian

Jan 23rd, 2013 | By | In Current, Weekend

The sixth Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival was, indeed, star-studded. It was also an event marked by a flurry of requests by hundreds of media outlets around the world, interested in covering the prestigious manifestation. Festival organizers found themselves in trouble, since the accommodation capacities in Drvengrad are rather limited.

A Far More Objective Picture of Serbia

– The last time such a large number of foreign reporters was “in the region” was before the start of NATO aggression, and before that, during the civil war and disintegration of former Yugoslavia, – Kusturica reminded.

– This time around, a far more objective and truthful picture will be sent from Serbia into the world, – Festival founder and host said.

Strikingly Gorgeous Bellucci to Play a Serbian Woman

Hosted by the famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica in Drvengrad, his ethnic village in the heart of Serbia, Kustendorf Festival has wrapped up its sixth successful season. But Emir and this year Festival’s strikingly gorgeous star are just beginning the work on their joint new project.

Italian actress and international film star Monica Bellucci, according to many the world’s most beautiful woman, has accepted a leading role in Kusturica’s new film. She will play a Serbian woman caught in the whirlwind of the last bloody civil war which tore former Yugoslavia apart.

Public UN Debate About The Hague Tribunal

Nov 20th, 2012 | By | In Controversy, Current, Earlier

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) President Vuk Jeremić has called a public debate for April 10, 2013 on the role and performance of international ad hoc criminal tribunals founded by the UN in achieving justice and reconciliation among nations.

Srebrenica Forensics: 1919-1923 Victims in Total

Dec 13th, 2009 | By | In Bosnia, Current, Earlier

Follow Srebrenica myth, divorced from facts and devoid of truth, spun by the Washington and Brussels bureaucrats in collusion with Bosnian Muslim leadership, is further promoted by the brainless cult followers like Mia Farrow (above, piously mourning Bosnian Muslim cutthroats in Srebrenica). Unfortunately, the incurable narcissists always on a hunt for occasions to feel good […]

16 Years Since the Medak Pocket Massacre

Sep 9th, 2009 | By | In Croatia, Current, Earlier

September 9 marks 16 years since the massacre Croat forces committed in the villages and hamlets south and southeast from the town Gospić in Serbian Krajina, called Medak Pocket (Medački Džep) — a UN safe haven — mutilating, raping, setting on fire and killing 88 Serbs. Memorial services to the victims were held throughout Serbian lands, and in the Church of Saint Mark in Belgrade.

Sarajevo Political Circle Destroying Bosnia

Sep 3rd, 2009 | By | In Bosnia, Current, Earlier

Caught in feverish calculations on how to stretch Western occupation of Bosnia and arduous Croat-Muslim Federation an inch further, in the midst of growing distrust and resentfulness among Bosnia’s rightfully embittered Serbs and Croats, Washington and Brussels are yet again carefully circumventing reality, and blaming Bosnian Serbs and Croats for destructive Sarajevo politics, where the very same people who were waging the bloody jihad against the country’s Christians from 1992-1995 are still in power.

Mainstream Media or Retard Informs Retards

Aug 27th, 2009 | By | In Bosnia, Current, Earlier, Former Yugoslavia, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis, MSM Watch

In the past two years in United States we had four Yugoslavian terrorists who wanted to “kill as many American soldiers as possible”, a coldblooded Yugoslavian murderer who shot a man in the face, killing him in broad daylight in the midst of New York, a Bosnian mass murderer who gunned down random mall shoppers, two naturalized Americans who wanted to wage violent jihad around the world, and a Bosnian beauty — all belonging to none of the world’s known nations, and mostly coming from a nonexistent country.

American Official Shields Bosnian Muslim Generals from War Crimes Trial

Aug 21st, 2009 | By | In Bosnia, Current, Earlier

“As long as Bosnia’s War Crimes Prosecution is dominated by David Schwendiman [PDF], not a single Bosnian Muslim general will find himself in the docket, regardless of the evidence proving their responsibility for war crimes committed by the Bosnian Muslim forces against the Serb population,” Dževad Galijašević, member of the South-Eastern Europe’s Expert Team for the War Against Terrorism and Organized Crime, told Banja Luka daily Fokus.

U.S. and Bin Laden were Arming Bosnian and Srebrenica Muslims Since 1992

Aug 14th, 2009 | By | In Bosnia, Current, Earlier

Former President of the Serbian Republic in Bosnia-Herzegovina Radovan Karadžić said that U.S. government, in collusion with other countries, was supplying arms to Bosnian Muslims, one of the warring parties in the Bosnian civil war (1992-1995), in violation of the United Nations arms embargo.

Give Milorad Čavić his Olympic Gold Back!

Aug 6th, 2009 | By | In Controversy, Current, Earlier, Weekend

Who wins the race — any race? The one who gets first to the finish line, right? But that wasn’t so at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games where Serbia’s Milorad Čavić arrived to the finish line before Michael Phelps, and was given silver instead of a gold medal. Now that Omega, the official timekeeper, admitted Čavić beat Phelps at Beijing Olympics 100-meter butterfly on 14 August 2008, it’s high time to give Čavić back the gold medal that was stolen from him a year ago.

War Criminal Agim Ceku Arrested

Jun 24th, 2009 | By | In Current, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

Serbian Ministry of Justice is requesting extradition of Albanian war criminal Agim Ceku, arrested Tuesday at a border checkpoint as he was trying to enter Bulgaria from Macedonia. This is the fourth time in the past 6 years Kosovo Albanian killer, former commander of the terrorist KLA and its later incarnation “Kosovo Protection Corps” was arrested on a red Interpol arrest warrant issued by Serbia. According to the criminal procedure initiated before the Niš court, Ceku stands accused of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.