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Kusturica: Gotovina the Next Nobel Peace Prize Laureate?

Nov 30th, 2012 | By | In Commentary, Controversy

Those who think general Gotovina story ends here are mistaken. I’m afraid we are in for new surprises. Mostly due to the humanitarian character of the international community.

Humanitarian Character of the International Community

The international community has been accustomizing us to humane bombs and angelic forms of war. In the end, the international community and its organizations knew how to reward guardians of the world peace.

We don’t know what was all that for which the judge earlier blasted general Gotovina with 24 years in prison. It must have been a heavy crime. But this one who unblasted him now surely has a vision. What’s worse, he’s done nothing if the whole thing ends with the acquittal. It can easily happen that they go further, guided by their humanitarian ideas.

Phase of “Soft” Ethnic Cleansing of Serbian Kosovo Province

Sep 6th, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

Unable to carry out the final pogrom of the remaining Serbs and other non-Albanians in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija while the World Court is deliberating on the illegality of Priština’s unilateral declaration of independence, ruling Albanian terrorists, guided by the Empire’s administrators, are using other methods to finish the ethnic cleansing of the province […]

The Right of Might, Religion of the Psychopaths Ruling the World

Aug 30th, 2009 | By | In Analysis, Commentary, Earlier

Understanding the world we live in and the appalling moves and decisions by the Western political elites is impossible without understanding the goals and beliefs of the psychopaths who run the show. If you are properly programmed and therefore quick to dismiss everything contrary to the popular mythology as a “conspiracy theory”, keep reading, because the joke is on you.

Organ Harvesting Scandal Dismantling “Kosova”

Aug 24th, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

By now, there is hardly a single news agency in the world that has failed to report on Del Ponte’s revelations about her foiled investigation into the gruesome chain of crimes Kosovo Albanian leaders conducted during and after the end of NATO-backed KLA insurrection in Serbia, of kidnapping young and healthy Kosovo Serbs and harvesting their vital organs for sale.

Albanian KLA Attempts to Discredit Organ Harvesting Investigation

Aug 16th, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

“The purpose of fabricating the story of arrest of the alleged Serbian citizens and broadcast of allegedly captured conversations in which the three men are seemingly ‘attempting to persuade’ people to falsely testify about the KLA organ harvesting and trade, is to discredit and derail the investigation of the KLA post-war operations, of kidnapping young and healthy Kosovo Serbs and transporting them to northern Albania, where their vital organs were harvested for sale,” Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević said.

Kosovo is Serbia, Says Polish Post

Aug 11th, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

While the Polish government was among the first to condone illegal seizure of Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, recognizing it as an independent state — the first mafia state in Europe, governed by NATO and Albanian criminals — Polish Post continues to abide by the international law, treating the province as an integral part of Serbia.

Indictment Against the KLA Butchers

Jun 27th, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

Serbia’s War Crimes Prosecution issued indictments against 17 members of the so-called Gnjilane Group of the terrorist KLA, charged with war crimes against the civilian population on the territory of Gnjilane municipality (Kosovo and Metohija province) from June to September 1999, when they brutally tortured at least 150, killed in a monstrous way at least 52 Serbs, as well as a number of Roma and Albanians, and raped a large number of women.

Otpor Now in Iran, Courtesy of Uncle Sam

Jun 17th, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Weekend

We know Washington is orchestrating and funding coup d’état presently taking place in Iran, among else because it was reported back in 2006 that United States decided to use covert means to remove Ahmadinejad from power, from within — it is much cheaper, safer and entirely pain-free for the Empire, in comparison to an open warfare. We also know pro-US activists in Iran have been receiving “aid from the West” since 2004, when the so-called “Iran Human Rights Documentation Center” based at Yale University, received $1 million from “a smaller American government aid program intended for Iran’s opposition inside the country”.

Yugoslav Civil War Yet to Be Properly Examined

Jun 8th, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Slovenia

Pandora’s box on who was doing what during the civil war in former Yugoslavia in the 1990s will be fully open in due time, when all the archives become available, the investigators of the Serbian Institute for Strategic Research of Defence Ministry said, commenting the master thesis of Slovenian researcher Marko Prešeren about the outbreak of hostilities and armed insurrection in Slovenia in 1991, which recently stirred the public in a former Yugoslav republic.

Signs of Unraveling

Jun 1st, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

Gung-ho push for illegal seizure of southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, brought about through Albanian terrorism and ethnic cleansing of non-Albanians from the province, American-led NATO aggression against Serbia and unilateral declaration of independence by the Albanian secessionists in Priština on 17 February 2008, and followed by the equally belligerent Anglo-American campaign for the recognitions of the first heroin state in Europe — with the biggest American military base on the continent as its capital — is slowly but surely starting to show the signs of unraveling.