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Kusturica: Gotovina the Next Nobel Peace Prize Laureate?

Nov 30th, 2012 | By | In Commentary, Controversy

Famous Serbian director, Emir Kusturica

Those who think general Gotovina story ends here are mistaken. I’m afraid we are in for new surprises. Mostly due to the humanitarian character of the international community.

Humanitarian Character of the International Community

The international community has been accustomizing us to humane bombs and angelic forms of war. In the end, the international community and its organizations knew how to reward guardians of the world peace.

We don’t know what was all that for which the judge earlier blasted general Gotovina with 24 years in prison. It must have been a heavy crime. But this one who unblasted him now surely has a vision. What’s worse, he’s done nothing if the whole thing ends with acquittal. It can easily happen that they go further, guided by their humanitarian ideas.

Nobel for Gotovina: He could Have Killed 250,000 Serbs, but Killed Only Few Thousand

Because, if in [the Operation] Storm more than 200,000 Serbs were driven out from the territory of Croatia, and if that is not a crime and the general is free, then that must be some humane act bestowed to us by the international community. During The Storm the general didn’t wipe out everything that moved in front of him and he could have?! In that case, there is clearly material for the Nobel Peace Prize Comity! They should award him for what he could have done and didn’t do.

Long are gone the times of Mother Teresa and some guys gibbering about humanity, helping the leprous, plague-ridden and sick on the ground. There’s a lot of people on the planet. That needs to be cleansed. There’s no more time for the humanistic and existentialist prattle the way it was done in the seventies and eighties. A new concept is now in place: When you get a chance to kill hundreds of thousands of people and you kill only few thousand, you immediately qualify for some award. It’s best if they give you the one for peace. Why, then, would Nobel Comity for Peace wait in the case of Gotovina?

Why Obama Deserved His Nobel

As soon as he took over the office, American President Obama sent only 30,000 fresh American soldiers to Afghanistan, therefore demonstrating his restraint, a statesman wisdom. That is why the Nobel couldn’t have escaped him. Imagine how many people he could have killed, and didn’t. Indeed, there were sporadic incidents in Afghanistan. Someone taped marines killing civilians while singing Bye, bye American pie, but those are mere exceptions.

When it comes to Gotovina, even the NGOs in Serbia are roused. But not because of the Serbs, they are worried over the principle.

Operation Storm, the Final Act of Starčević-Pavelić Endeavor

I’m coming up with notions which, I’m sure, are not the notions of the international community. I am convinced that those 200,000 ethically cleansed Serbs from the territory of the multiethnic Croatia are the final act of the endeavor of Starčević-Pavelić duo.

The theorist and the slaughterer didn’t get to carry their idea of annihilation of the Serb civilians through to the end during the Second World War. Starčević created the concept: third of Serbs in Croatia to be killed, third to be converted to Roman Catholicism, and third to be driven out. Who can be bothered with thirds nowadays? Men have turned to the wholes. And there is hardly a single Croat today who doesn’t believe we and the rest of the world are exaggerating the numbers.

British encyclopedias say that over seven hundred thousand civilians, mainly Serbs, were killed in Jasenovac. But there is hardly a Croat who believes that. And very few of them think that what took place in The Storm looks like the final act of the work of Starčević-Pavelić twosome. Because the court decided Gotovina is not guilty. Why would anyone break their head trying to think it through?

Srebrenica Manufactured to Shift Media Attention from The Storm

In the consideration of this decision, one of the decisive arguments for the theory that expulsion of Serbs from the territory of Croatia was inevitable, which the international community was involved in, was the reminiscence of American ambassador Galbraith from the time Storm took place. He says that The Storm had to happen because of Srebrenica.

There are those among Serbs who go as far as turning the whole thing upside down. All contrary to this Galbraith. They say Srebrenica was manufactured in order to shift the media attention from the expulsion of Serbs from Croatia. The things we Serbs come up with! We are indeed a strange nation. And our logic never rests.

Martić Convicted for Ethnic Cleansing Committed by Gotovina

Here is one example: What could possibly complicate the decision to award Gotovina Nobel Peace Prize?

Milan Martić, Serb policeman who in Krajina fought for survival of Serbs in Croatia, is lying in prison. He resisted the ethnic cleansing, but in the end he was convicted for ethnic cleansing. So, now that Gotovina has cleansed Croatia of Serbs, Martić is convicted for ethnic cleansing of Croats who comprise ninety five percent of Croatia’s population. It’s kinda illogical. The international community will probably reach for the kind of logic we Serbs can’t comprehend.

High Price for Joining the Roman Catholic EU Project

Europe is a Roman Catholic project and the price of entering that club is high. It incorporates plenty of things we shall never understand.

After all, let the wise heads of the Nobel Comity ponder and make their decisions without interference from the outside.

Editor’s note

In 2008, a year before Barack H. Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Comity’s Laureate was an obscure Finish politician Martti Ahtisaari, whose only mention-worthy act in the entire career was breaking up of Serbian state and gifting southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija to Albanians. He was given the highest award despite the evidence provided by the German BND that he received over 40 million Euros in bribe from Albanians to create the infamous ‘Ahtisaari Plan’, which was meant to finalize amputation of the Serbian province.

The Hague has been faithfully goose-stepping in tune in regards to the war crimes committed by Albanians as well, and has yesterday acquitted Ramush Haradinaj too, an Albanian war criminal.


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