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Orthodox New Year Celebration in UN

Jan 18th, 2013 | By | In Holiday, Orthodoxy

UN New Year concert by the Viva Vox choir from Belgrade

Serbia Ushers Orthodox New Year in United Nations

Belgrade’s Viva Vox choir, performing a capella – without instruments, ushered the New 2013 Year with a concert in United Nations General Assembly in New York, on January 14, the first day of the New Year according to the Julian calendar.

An arrangement of traditional Serbian songs, mixed with world pop/rock and classical music was greeted with standing ovations. Among the best received was the famous Serbian First World War March to Drina.

The glorious March was composed by Stanislav Binički in 1914, in honor of the bravery of the Serbian Army, after winning a triumphal Battle of Cer, the first victory for the Allied forces in WWI.

March to Drina, A Capella

Viva Vox choir, UN

March to Drina, The Original: Belgrade Symphony Orchestra

New Year concert at Belgrade Kolarac University, frula (traditional Serbian flute) Bora Dugić, conductor Boban Prodanović

March to Drina, Pop/Rock Style

British pop group The Shadows, guitar Cliff Richard

March to Drina, Rock & Roll

Guitar Radomir Mihajlović Točak, bas Lola Andrijić, drums David Moss, keyboards Laza Ristovski

March to Drina, Jazz

James Last Big Band

March to Drina, Trumpets

100 Trumpets Concert, Belgrade Central Square

Happy New Year!


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  1. @de-construct.net
    You may want to add the following videos from German TV to your multimedia section and/or mention them in an article. They prove that the Serb forces were fighting against Nazis like in WW2. The other videos of that liveleak-channel are also interesting.

    “Neo-Nazis fight on Croatian side”

    “HVO and HOS in Herzegovina 1992″

    This footage could be useful for the Serb defense in The Hague. Those Nazi war criminals and thier German and U.S. backers should be on trial and not the Serbs.

  2. Done. Thanks!

  3. Great article De-Construct.net. Keep up the good work.