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Butcher of Serbs Goes Free

Jun 30th, 2006 | By | In Bosnia

One of thousands of Serb victims of Naser Oric
Body of Bosnian Serb Milan Vujicic, one of Naser Oric’s victims. Milan Vujicic was tortured and mutilated before being killed by Oric’s Srebrenica forces who then roasted his corpse.

Naser Oric, the Bosnian Muslim Butcher of Serbs, has walked out smiling and free as a bird from the Kangaroo Court in Hague today.

The Monster was indicted and tried for gruesome crimes committed against Serbian population in Srebrenica and in the villages surrounding Srebrenica, before Serbian troops took the town over. Portrayed by the Dutch UN battalion as “a crook, a robber, a pimp and a murderer,” Oric used the Srebrenica “safe haven” status to burn Serb villages and massacre their occupants before quickly withdrawing to the security provided by the UN’s safe haven.

According to the general Lewis MacKenzie, the commander of UN peacekeeping forces in Bosnia, “these attacks reached a crescendo in 1994 and carried on into early 1995 after the Canadian infantry company that had been there for a year was replaced by a larger Dutch contingent (…) As the snow cleared in the spring of 1995, it became obvious to Naser Oric, the man who led the Bosnian Muslim fighters, that the Bosnian Serb army was going to attack Srebrenica to stop him from attacking Serb villages. So he and a large number of his fighters slipped out of town. Srebrenica was left undefended with the strategic thought that, if the Serbs attacked an undefended town, surely that would cause NATO and the UN to agree that NATO air strikes against the Serbs were justified.”

decapitated Serb
Bosnian Muslim soldier having his picture taken with the head of decapitated Serb

Although Bosnian Serbs knew all too well about the sadistic slaughterer in Srebrenica who led Bosnian Muslim forces in murderous raids against them, it wasn’t until a foreign reporter learned about Oric’s crimes that the Hague has shown any interest in prosecuting anyone but Serbs. As early as in 1995, Bill Schiller reported:

Oric is a fearsome man, and proud of it. I met him in January, 1994, in his own home in Serb-surrounded Srebrenica. On a cold and snowy night, I sat in his living room watching a shocking video version of what might have been called Nasir Oric’s Greatest Hits. There were burning houses, dead bodies, severed heads, and people fleeing. Oric grinned throughout, admiring his handiwork. “We ambushed them,” he said when a number of dead Serbs appeared on the screen. The next sequence of dead bodies had been done in by explosives: “We launched those guys to the moon,” he boasted. When footage of a bullet-marked ghost town appeared without any visible bodies, Oric hastened to announce: “We killed 114 Serbs there.” Later there were celebrations, with singers with wobbly voices chanting his praises (…) Lately, however, Oric increased his hit-and-run attacks at night (…)

Despite the fact there was ample evidence of Oric’s grisly crimes against civilian population during the war in Bosnia available from the mid-nineties, he wasn’t indicted until 2003. On the contrary, Naser Oric was enjoying his freedom as the owner of a disco club in Bosnian city of Tuzla right up to his arrest, in April of 2003. Even so, Oric remains the only Srebrenica Muslim indicted by the Hague for the crimes against Serbian civilians.

Bosnian Muslim trophy box
Bosnian Muslims showing their trophy box: Serbian severed heads identified as remains of Blagoje Blagojevic, Nenad Petkovic and Brana Djuric. Central Bosnia, 1993.

Apparently, during his mock-trial Oric kept repeating: “Your honours… I am not guilty” and it worked – the “judges” believed him: Oric was acquitted of direct involvement in the murder or cruel treatment of Serbs, and of responsibility for the wanton destruction of entire villages, churches, homes and property. While he was convicted of “failing to prevent men under his command killing and mistreating Bosnian Serb prisoners,” and sentenced to two years in jail, he was immediately freed since he has already spent three years in the Hague during the charade of a trial. We can only hope the Kangaroo Court “judges” will follow their historical verdict with a public apology to the ogre and compensate him monetarily for keeping him away from his disco business a year longer, or keeping him away at all.

With that nasty wrinkle successfully ironed out, the road to rewriting history is entirely clear: no one will ever be able to connect the dots or to understand what really happened in and around Srebrenica. Most importantly, the Western responsibility for preventing peace, arming and backing Muslim jihadists in the war against Christian Serbs on the territory of former Yugoslavia in an effort to colonize Balkans, and the criminal bombardment of the undefended country for which no one is even expected to face the trial – all of it is efficiently swept under the carpet, buried and forgotten. That, after all, was the sole purpose of the mockery of justice Hague personifies, as confirmed for the hundred-thousandth time today.

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