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It Was All Because of an Adjective

Nov 1st, 2008 | By | In Bytes 'n Bits, Earlier, Former Yugoslavia
NATO Psychopaths

US and Britain Had to Have a Military Base in Serbia. So They Attacked…

Former Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini recently admitted that NATO aggression against Serbia (March 24 — June 10, 1999) had nothing to do with the alleged humanitarian concerns — NATO bombed Serbia for three months because the United States and Britain wanted to have a military base on its territory.

Dini said Serbian officials would have signed the ultimatum issued by the West at the conference in Rambouillet, if it had excluded only one word.

– The problem was only one adjective. It would have been sufficient for Serbia if the document excluded the word “military” and left only the “international presence” in Kosovo, but the U.S. insisted on NATO getting an opportunity to enter the province – Dini explained.

Marko Jaksic, President of the Serbian municipalities in Kosovo and Metohija, said that Dini is right, that the Americans and British wanted to get NATO in Serbia, and the southern Kosovo province, as the weakest point due to Albanian Muslim hatred and desire to steal Serbian land, served the purpose best.

– Our greatest enemies in the last twenty years, starting from the war in Croatia, are the Americans and British. Unfortunately, the balance of power in the world is such that they could bombard us with impunity – Jaksic said.

For Brana Crncevic, Serbian essayist and publicist, statements by the former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs are only part of the general hindsight.

– He is one of those responsible for the bombardment of Serbia. He says one thing today, something else tomorrow, and a whole other thing the day after tomorrow… – Crncevic said.

Ljubomir Kragovic, Kosovo-Metohija SRS functionary, said it is statements like this one by the Italian Government official, that prove there was no “humanitarian catastrophe” and no “human rights violation” in the southern Serbian province, but simply a political decision by the Western powers to establish their military presence in Serbia.

– It was the desire of the United States and its European satellites to take over the reign in this part of Serbia, which is now, unfortunately, under occupation – Kragovic said.

Dubravka Filipovski, New Serbia deputy leader, believes that Dini’s statement in no way reduces his responsibility for the aggression and bombardment of Serbia.

– It was a shameful decision, which has brought great harm to Serbia. Why is he speaking only now, nine years after the bombardment? It is evident that many of them, such as Carla Del Ponte, have their conscience awakened only after the fact, but this does not diminish their responsibility for the lives of the victims, – Filipovska assessed.

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