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Ten Years Since U.S. Attacked Chinese Embassy in Serbia

May 8th, 2009 | By | In Bytes 'n Bits, Earlier, NATO Aggression

Injured Chinese diplomats in an ambulance outside their embassy in Belgrade
Two injured Chinese diplomats in an ambulance outside their razed embassy in Belgrade, May 7 1999, Serbia

Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was Deliberately Targeted by Americans

On May 7 1999, the most advanced American warplane B2, which flew directly from the US air force base in Whiteman, Missouri and was refueled over the Atlantic, on a mission so secretive that no other NATO member state was informed of the planned attack, dropped its deadly cargo — two JDAM flying bombs — on Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in the middle of the night, killing three journalists and injuring another 20 diplomats, citizens of People’s Republic of China.

Despite the fact the attack was obviously carefully planned and carried out with lethal precision, Clinton administration and the Blair government in Britain claimed the bombing was “a mistake” caused by the CIA’s use of outdated maps.

“The true story – though it is being denied by everyone from Albright, Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and CIA director George Tenet down – is that the Americans knew exactly what they are doing. The Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was deliberately targeted by the most precise weapons in the US arsenal,” UK’s Observer wrote in a November 1999 article titled Truth behind America’s raid on Belgrade.

According to the October 20 1999 issue of Pacific News Service, “an official at the U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency told the reporters that NATO’s official explanation, which involves a faulty map of Belgrade, is a ‘damned lie’. The Alliance claims it was targeting the Yugoslav Federal Directorate for Supply and Procurement which had once been located at that site. But Holsoe discovered through simple open-source inquiries that no building was ever on that site before the embassy. The Yugoslav office for supplies is in fact 500 meters down the street and was struck later by NATO. According to Helsoe, ‘nearly everyone involved in NATO air operations or signals command knows that the embassy bombing was deliberate’.”

Furthermore, the Observer’s U.S. correspondent found that “the target was not approved through the normal NATO channels but through a second, ‘American-only’ track”.

In their article Nato bombed Chinese deliberately, John Sweeney, Jens Holsoe and Ed Vulliamy testified that “a Nato flight control officer in Naples also confirmed to us that a map of ‘non-targets': churches, hospitals and embassies, including the Chinese, did exist. On this ‘don’t hit’ map, the Chinese embassy was correctly located at its current site, and not where it had been until 1996 – as claimed by the US and NATO.”

Not Barbaric — Terrorist Act

Chinese students protested against NATO throughout the world
Chinese students joined Serbian anti-NATO protests throughout the world

This horrific war crime, unrecorded in the history of warfare, triggered violent demonstrations at U.S. diplomatic outposts in Beijing and other Chinese cities, joining the Serb protesters who never ceased demonstrating against the US-led NATO during the 78 days of aggression against Serbia. Members of Belgrade’s Chinese community joined the Serbs in daily marches through the streets and city squares, denouncing the attack.

Peter Hays Gries reported [PDF] that “Chinese students in the United States and Europe demonstrated against what they called ‘NATO fascism’. The American consul’s residence in Chengdu was firebombed. In Beijing Chinese students demanded revenge, chanting ‘Blood for blood!’ Others threw bricks at US embassy buildings as People’s Liberation Army soldiers looked on, and Ambassador James Sasser and other American diplomats were trapped inside for days.”

No one in China, or in Serbia, bought the “accidental bombing” and “unfortunate mistake” story. In fact, the US attack was denounced as an intolerable act of barbarism.

“NATO is going beyond all limits,” said Russia’s U.N. ambassador Sergey Lavrov. “We are outraged over this barbaric action, and we call and demand an immediate investigation.”

“I believe that we should stop calling NATO’s bombing of our embassy a ‘barbarous act’—a ‘terrorist act’ would be more appropriate. Something ‘barbaric’ stems from ignorance, but American-led NATO’s despicable act was clearly premeditated. This was a terrorist attack through and through,” Shanghai’s Xiong Junfeng wrote.

Who Can Believe in “Democracy” Hung on Missiles?

The three victims killed by the US bombs 10 years ago, Shao Yunhuan, Xu Xinghu and Zhu Ying, were journalists of Xinhua News Agency and Guangming Daily stationed in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Annual commemoration of their tragic passing is held each year both in China and in Serbia.

At the Forum for Chinese Journalists Killed in NATO Bombing, Shao Bingkui, younger brother of Shao Yunhuan, said his parents weep whenever they think of his elder sister. “My family and the rest of the country will forever remember the day when the U.S.-led NATO killed my sister and two other Chinese journalists with missiles,” he said.

“The U.S. is still lying, saying that the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia was a mistake,” Bingkui said.

“The U.S.-led NATO’s barbarous act and the investigation report have made us see clearly the hypocrisy and fraudulence of democracy and human rights advocated by the United States. Who else will believe in the so-called democracy and human rights hung onto the missiles?” he asked.

China Still Stands by Us

Chinese Ambassador and Belgrade Mayor unveil the memorial plaque
Chinese Ambassador Wei Jinghua and Belgrade Mayor Dragan Djilas unveiled a memorial plaque to three Chinese journalists killed in NATO aggression. 7 May 2009, Belgrade, Serbia

In Belgrade, at the 10-year commemoration of the bombardment of Chinese Embassy, a memorial plaque was uncovered as a reminder of the journalists killed that night.

“On this day, within the three-month bombardment of Serbia which killed more than 3,000 people, an attack on the embassy of our friend, People’s Republic of China, was carried out. Chinese nation stood by the Serbs and by Serbia during those hard times and that is the reason why three Chinese citizens lost their lives, while twenty were severely injured. We shall never forget them! Serbia will never forget the victims of NATO aggression. We are still recovering from this tragedy and an injustice done to our homeland, even today there are destroyed buildings in Belgrade — silent witnesses of those horrific days. Chinese nation and state have stood by us ten years ago, when Serbia was being razed, and we stand together today, when it is being rebuilt,” Belgrade Mayor Dragan Djilas said at the plaque unveiling ceremony.

“Allow me to use this opportunity to thank the people of China and Chinese state for their help and for standing by our side even at that terrible time,” Djilas said.

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Wei Jinghua said that ten years ago the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was “barbarically bombed by the NATO, headed by United States of America”.

“Three Chinese journalists were killed in the attack, and a number of Chinese diplomats were wounded”, Mr. Jinghua said, adding that this “war crime greatly embittered Chinese nation and was sharply condemned by the peace-loving people throughout the world.”

He said this crime must never be forgotten and it must never be allowed to be repeated.

CIA Target Selector Slain

In another news, it was reported that CIA operative believed to have been selecting the targets for NATO bombardment in Serbia, including the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, was killed on April 22, three days after Eastern Orthodox Serbs celebrated Pascha.

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