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Serbophobe Biden Not Welcome

May 15th, 2009 | By | In Current, Earlier, Weekend
Biden not welcome in Serbia

Biden’s Racist Slurs and Searing Insults Documented

On the occasion of the announced Belgrade visit of the U.S. vice president Joseph Biden, one of the most virulent Serbophobes in Washington, representatives of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and New Serbia (NS) today submitted to the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs a set of documents containing records of Biden’s racist anti-Serbian slurs and insults.

DSS Parliament representative Jovan Palalić told gathered reporters that submitted documents are a reminder of the things current American vice president and former senator was saying and of the vicious crusade he relentlessly lead against Serbian nation and state.

The records include Biden’s unforgettable appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live, when he said that “Serbs are illiterate degenerates, baby killers, butchers and rapists”, his assertion during Senatorial deliberations in 1999 over NATO aggression against Serbia that “all Serbs should be placed in Nazi-style concentration camps” and other equally unforgivable outbursts of hatred and malice.

While advocating a “unified Bosnia”, without the Serb Republic and dominated by Izetbegovic’s and Silajdzic’s cutthroats, amputation of the cradle of Serbian state — Kosovo and Metohija province — and then an indivisible “Kosovo state” with “inviolable borders”, at the same time Biden also promoted dismemberment of Iraq and its division into three states.

“We are convinced that Biden’s statements and policies are entirely contrary to the interests of Serbia and Serbian people,” Palalić said, adding that Biden’s bellicose hatred of Serbs “culminated in the bombardment of Serbia and was crowned by the illegal secession and declaration of independence of the fake state of Kosovo”.

“His meeting with Serbian officials will most probably be punctuated with the new pressures on our state, urging Serbia to establish ‘good neighborly relations’ with the fake state, weakening the institutions of Republic of Srpska [Bosnia-Herzegovina], as well as pushing Serbia to renege on its military neutrality and to begin the process of joining NATO pact”, Palalić said.

Poster announcing protest against Biden's visit to Serbia
Poster announcing protests against Biden’s unwelcome and unwanted visit to Serbia

Member of the NS Main Committee, MP Aleksandra Janković said that New Serbia has a “reliable information [FM] Vuk Jeremić will be ‘justifiably absent’ during Biden’s visit”.

“Obviously, our Foreign Affairs Minister is often not quite pleasing to some of those who are coming to visit”, she said, suggesting that the “person playing the role of Serbia’s president should take over that ministry too, and act as a foreign affairs minister, in addition to playing a president — since he is the only one who wants to meet with Biden.”

Submission of the materials documenting Biden’s militant anti-Serb crusade, often going far beyond belligerent and searingly insulting, was also attended by the Belgrade University of Law Association Nomocanon and non-government organizations Active Center and Serbian Network.

DSS spokesman Andreja Mladenović said that delivering the set of documents serves to inform the ministry about Biden’s views and activities.

“It is important that foreign affairs ministry is informed about the person who is coming to a state visit. We have also prepared informative leaflets about Biden, which we will be giving out in the streets starting on Monday,” Mladenović said.

“In a normal situation, a visit by the U.S. vice president would represent an honor for most states. However, Biden himself is not a person who is remembered by anything good among the Serbs,” President of the Serbian Progressive Party Tomislav Nikolić told reporters gathered in the Parliament.

“I am convinced Biden is the integral part of the so-called Kosovo state, and I don’t think he is coming to Serbia with good intentions,” Nikolić said.

Biden Among Those Responsible for NATO War Crimes Against Serbia

Prominent NGO Serbian Portals (Srpski Sabor Dveri) started a campaign for the cancellation of Biden’s unwelcome and unwanted visit.

“Joseph Biden is one of the infamous American officials from Bill Clinton’s administration, who was giving the most shameful statements and who was fanning the flames of anti-Serbian hysteria in the Western media during NATO aggression against our homeland. As a man who treated our nation in a monstrous way, as a man who is among those responsible for the war crimes NATO committed against the Serbs, Biden is not welcome in Serbia.

“We demand that our state organs and officials preserve a bare minimum of national dignity and withdraw a reception of such a man. For all the Serb patriots, for all the well meaning Serbian citizens, Joseph Biden is a persona non grata!,” Dveri said.

Message to Biden from Serbian Parliament
Serbian Parliament is the only one on US vice president’s “three cities” tour (Belgrade, Sarajevo, Pristina) Biden did not visit or address. This is the message to Biden from Serbian MPs, on behalf of people of Serbia. Belgrade, May 20, 2009

Statement published on Dveri web site stresses that, since the association has “no illusions our officials will have enough courage and resolve to commit this single dignifying act in regards to Biden”, they have planned a “series of civic actions and manifestations to show Joseph Biden he is not welcome in Serbia”.

Vladan Glišić, member of the association’s executive board announced an exhibition under the open skies in Belgrade downtown, with the images of NATO carnage in Serbia.

“If Serbian officials can’t tell Biden he is unwelcome, the Serbian public can and will,” Glišić said.

Upcoming activities and demonstrations against Biden’s visit will start on Monday, May 18. In the meantime, 15 Serbian organizations have joined the protests and signed the appeal titled “Biden is not welcome!”

Serbian National Movement 1389 has announced massive protests on Wednesday, the day Biden is expected to arrive.

Movement spokesman Miša Vacić reminded this is the right thing to do everywhere in the world “when the most despised U.S. officials are coming”.

“The main lobbyist for Kosovo amputation and a mentor of Bosnian jihadists is coming to visit the puppet regime. Serbian patriots will let him know he is unwelcome, because of the things from the past and his current views. We are calling the people to step out into the streets, to show him we have not forgotten his bloody trails, back from the Clinton era and the aggression against Serbia,” Vacić said.

Aleksandar Vulin, President of the Socialist Movement, said his party will also take part in the protests.

“Vice-president of United States is one of the most fervent Albanian lobbyists and the protector of Serbian organ traffickers. He will come to say Serbs should be placed in concentration camps, and that Kosovo must be independent. However, he must know that while he may have bought the leaders in Serbia, he did not buy Serbia and Serbs,” Vulin said.

And while the Serbs are furious over the U.S. vice president’s visit, Bosnian Muslim leaders are apparently thrilled, convinced that reiterated American backing is a key to their plans of destroying the Serb Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Similarly, Albanian war criminals in Priština are beside themselves with joy over Biden’s upcoming visit, which they already declared “historical”. Given his credentials of a mouth-foaming Serb hater, Biden can most certainly count on getting a street named after him in Europe’s heroin capital Priština, perhaps somewhere in the vicinity of the Bill Clinton Boulevard, Wesley Clark Street or George Bush Avenue, and not too far away from the heart of the mafia state, American military base Camp Bondsteel.

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