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Islamic World Scraps Anglo-American Plans for the Second Year in Row

May 26th, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

Map of OIC members, observers and those who seek admittance
Map of OIC member states (green), observers (red) and the countries who seek membership status (blue)

OIC Scraps Anglo-American Initiative for the Second Year in Row

Foreign ministers of the 57-nation Organization of The Islamic Conference (OIC) did not adopt the original text, written by Albanians, of the resolution pushed by Saudi Arabia — American proxy in the Middle East — which urged all the members of the international Muslim organization to immediately recognize independence of southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.

This was not the first time such initiative was presented at the OIC meeting. Only a month after Kosovo Albanian secessionists unilaterally declared independence of the Serbian province, at the March 2008 meeting in Senegal, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — another loyal U.S. ally among the Islamic countries — called on OIC members to recognize severed Kosovo province as an independent state.

Back then, Serbia’s allies among the Muslim states also rejected the proposed text, adopting instead a resolution which merely “acknowledged” unilateral declaration of independence, leaving it up to the individual member states to decide whether they will recognize integral part of Serbian state territory as a “state”.

Similarly, Saudi/Albanian initiative proposed on Damascus Conference between 23-25 May 2009, openly praised and supported by Washington and London, was blocked by the influential Muslim countries such as Egypt, Libya, Iran, Algeria, the host Syria, and other Muslim states friendly to Serbia and opposed to the brutal Albanian land grab, instigated and sponsored by Washington, London and Brussels.

“Proposed Saudi resolution was amended by Syria, Egypt, Azerbaijan and several other OIC members, so the text of the resolution which was adopted does not urge Kosovo recognition, and it does not mention Kosovo ‘statehood’,” Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić said.

No Calls for Recognition, No Acceptance of Kosovo “Statehood,” No to Kosovo Albanian “Delegation”

“The amendments submitted by our friends in the Islamic world have changed the essence of the proposed resolution and, most importantly, succeeded in rejecting in entirety the part calling for immediate recognition of Kosovo ‘independence,’ as well as all the references to the Kosovo province status of a ‘state’. The form of the adopted resolution, in contrast to the one that was proposed, is rather soft and neutral, without the calls for recognition. At the same time, the planned ceremonious announcement of Kosovo recognition by the 15 OIC members during conference did not take place,” Serbia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, adding that “our OIC friends also blocked accreditation of the ‘delegation’ of Kosovo Albanians, who were pushing to attend the conference”.

“As one of the most influential OIC members, Saudis requested that Kosovo Albanian ‘delegation’ is allowed to attend the three-day conference in Damascus, but our friends have blocked that initiative. Saudi representatives left the conference visibly dissatisfied, because their pro-Washington lobbying for Kosovo Albanian secessionists was frustrated by the firm position of other powerful Muslim members,” a source close to Serbian Foreign Ministry revealed, adding that pressure exerted upon the biggest association of Muslim states (registered with the UN) by the British Minister of Foreign Affairs David Miliband also failed to produce desired results.

Miliband’s Shameless Maneuver Fails

In a keynote speech at Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies on the eve of OIC conference, on May 21, British FM called for a “coalition of consent” between the West and the Muslim world, urging Islamic countries to recognize Washington’s and London’s heinous creation, a heroin “state” on Serbian territory, with the biggest American military base in Europe — Camp Bondsteel — as its capital.

“We very much hope that the OIC will affirm its support for Kosovan independence next week,” Miliband said, after suggesting butchering of Serbian state on behalf of Washington, London and Brussels should be viewed by the Muslim world as a proof of Western benevolence.

In other words, forget Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine and the rest, think nothing of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and other such trinkets — instead, celebrate the fact we destroyed Serbia, and think of it not in terms of our desire to colonize the entire world, but as our peculiar way of doing favors to Muslims. Apparently, Miliband’s latest shameless maneuver didn’t work quite as intended, since most Arab leaders prefer to use their own head.

More Anglo-American Wrath to Follow

“The most important Islamic states reached a decision not to recognize severed Kosovo and Metohija province after analyzing their own interests. Expectations they will change their policy because of Western and Saudi pressures were unrealistic,” Belgrade Islamic studies Professor Darko Tanasković said.

He added that Serbia ought to be grateful to the friendly Muslim states for their support against the Western-imposed dismemberment of its territory but, at the same time, it should brace for another wave of the American and British wrath, as it will most certainly suffer consequences for actively cooperating with Islamic countries against Anglo-American interests in the region.

When Lies Fail, Albanians Lie More and Louder

Even though the text of the adopted OIC resolution is entirely changed from its original form by the amendments submitted by the Muslim states friendly to Serbia, Albanian FM Lulzim Basha apparently had no moral dilemmas about bluntly lying on Monday after the Conference ended, claiming the OIC adopted Albanian resolution “in its original form”, as it was submitted.

Political director of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Borislav Stefanović, who informed Serbian media the text of the altered and neutralized Saudi/Albanian resolution has been formally confirmed at Monday morning plenary session, said Basha’s statement, guided by his own interests ahead of elections in Albania, is a futile attempt to blur the facts and minimize defeat of the Albanian lobbyists in Damascus.

“We understand his nervousness. It is motivated by the upcoming elections, and even more by the fact he is confronted by the efficiency of Serbian diplomacy. Those who are losing have the right to be angry,” Stefanović said.

He explained that all the references to the independence of Serbian province contained in the original resolution have been removed from the text of the adopted resolution.

“This is mainly related to the invitation to all the OIC members to recognize the province’s independence as soon as possible, as well as to giving full support to an ‘independent Kosovo’ and its institutions. The call to have Kosovo admitted to all the international organizations was also removed,” Stefanović said.

In addition, Foreign Affairs Ministers of OIC member states adopted a declaration which reaffirms all the United Nations legal documents, including the UN Security Council Resolution 1244, which guarantees Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over Kosovo and Metohija province.

If the KLOsovars Could Only Claim to be Jewish Too…

Saudis, the key United States ally in the Arabic world, also played heavily the religious card in the conference held in Syrian capital. The resolution put together by Albania and handed over to be officially proposed by Saudi Arabia, a significant financier of a number of OIC member states, was urging help for the “Muslim brothers” in Kosovo, despite the widely recognized fact unique Priština “Muslims” are quite prone to changing their faith as the wind blows, preferring to be the “Roman Catholics” when seeking support of the Pope and Roman Catholics one day, turning into “Muslims” the next day when milking money and recognitions from the Islamic world, and becoming the purest atheists one can find southeast of Brussels the day after, when appealing to similarly inclined Westerners.

In fact, the only thing Albanian “Muslims” haven’t yet been able to claim is that they are Jewish, due to insurmountable obstacles in Judaizing themselves at their own convenience, although they came quite close on a number of occasions, going as far as forging history to persuade Israelis Kosovo Albanians are the biggest Jewish friends around the globe and throughout time.

However, Egypt Ambassador to Serbia Adel Ahmed Naguib confirmed to Belgrade daily Večernje Novosti that even if Kosovo Albanians indeed were the impeccable Muslims they purported to be on the occasion of the three-day OIC meeting, the issue of severing southern Serbian province has nothing to do with faith to begin with.

“There are Muslims all over the world — how would the world look if we supported everyone who would like an independent state carved up for themselves?!”, Mr. Naguib asked.

Who’s the Real King of Saudi Arabia?

However powerful, the policy of oil rich Saudi Arabia is not very popular in the Islamic world, mainly due to mighty Saudi rulers’ obvious allegiances and subservience to United States. Like Turkey in Eurasia and Albania in Europe, Saudi Arabia in the Middle East is well known for its loyal servitude to Washington interests for many decades, following Washington lead to the beat on each and every issue, while pretending to have Muslim interests at heart. Therefore, it came as no surprise when, at the recent Arabic Summit in Doha (Qatar), Libyan leader Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi openly called Saudi King an “American ally”.

Saudi Arabia recognized Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija as an “independent state” on 20 April 2009, while Albania and Turkey were among the first countries to recognize illegal, unilaterally declared independence of the Serbian province by the Albanian secessionists in Priština, shoulder-to-shoulder with United States, Britain, Germany and France.

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