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Russian President Medvedev, Guest of Serbian People

Aug 15th, 2009 | By | In Weekend

Holy Tsar Martyr Nicholas Romanov II and President Medvedev
Divine justice in action: The eerie resemblance of Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to Holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas Romanov II (…and they thought they killed him)

President Medvedev: Guest of Serbian People, Not of the Ruling Elite

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev entrusted his country’s Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Konuzin with a task to gather the leaders of all Serbian parliamentary parties at the celebration he will attend, the anniversary of WWII liberation of Belgrade.

First man of the Russian Federation is coming to Serbia in October at the invitation of President Boris Tadić. Apart from the official meetings with Tadić and members of the Serbian government, President Medvedev expressed a desire to attend the celebration marking 65-years anniversary since the liberation of Belgrade and the victory against fascism.

According to the Serbian media, Ambassador Konuzin has already started to contact representatives of the Serbian opposition, asking them to attend the gala scheduled for October 20.

President Medvedev had sent a word he is coming to Serbia as a guest of Serbian people, not of the Serbian ruling elite alone.

Memorial to 72 Red Army Heroes Who Gave Their Lives for a Tiny Village in Serbia

The Sacred War, Tribute to the Red Army Heroes

Meanwhile, Serbian municipality Bor and its Veterans Association have announced they will unveil a memorial on October 7 to 72 Red Army soldiers who gave their lives for the liberation of the village Zlot in Timok region in October 1944.

In the fierce chest-to-chest battle against the fascist occupier that lasted several days, 72 Russian heroes fought until the last drop of blood, taking with them some 150 Germans.

Their heroic sacrifice was kept hidden during the time of West’s favorite dictator Tito, his Yugoslavia and the communist era, but legendary Serbian memory can’t be easily wiped out.

Recently discovered diary of the Serbian liberation soldier Bogoljub Jenić which describes the unparalleled heroism of the Russian troops who helped the Serbs push the enemy out for good in the final months of war, has signaled an era when it is once again safe to remember it all, including the unprecedented Russian sacrifices for freedom.

85-year-old Janko Ursuljanović, who also fought against the fascist occupier in Serbia recalls the spine-chilling battle as if it happened yesterday:

– Germans first dynamited the bridge in Brestovo hot springs. They were followed by the Red Army unit from the direction of Zaječar and Rgotin village. Fascists have set up the ambush in Zlot in the shape of a horseshoe, to which 9 Cossacks rushed in. They were all gunned down on the spot. The bloody battle begun, chest-to-chest, and it lasted until 6 October. Local peasants were gathering bodies of the fallen Russian heroes. They would place them on ox carts and take them to the portals of the old church, where they were burying them in the churchyard. In 1963, the remains of the Soviet liberators were moved to Zaječar Memorial.

New memorial to the Red Army heroes who have given their lives while liberating Zlot will be erected next to the statues of the Serbian WWII heroes from Zlot — Petar Granić, Jovan Muskalović, Jovan Dobrić (all three of whom German fascists threw alive into the pit from a nearby mountain Malinik), Petar Jokanović and Petar Radovanović.

During WWII German fascists bombed the village Zlot and burned it twice to the ground. Only in the First World War this tiny Serbian village gave 374 liberation heroes to their country.

Lieutenant Colonel Ilya Skrobnev, Assistant to the Russian Army representative in the Russian Embassy in Belgrade had visited Zlot two weeks ago and bowed to the shadows of the fallen Red Army heroes.

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