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Sarajevo Political Circle Destroying Bosnia

Sep 3rd, 2009 | By | In Bosnia, Current, Earlier
Sarajevo women

Bosnian Muslim Tail Wagging the Western Dog

Caught in feverish calculations on how to stretch Western occupation of Bosnia and arduous Croat-Muslim Federation an inch further, in the midst of growing distrust and resentfulness among Bosnia’s rightfully embittered Serbs and Croats, Washington and Brussels are yet again carefully circumventing reality, and blaming Bosnian Serbs and Croats for destructive Sarajevo politics, where the very same people who were waging the bloody jihad against the country’s Christians from 1992-1995 are still in power.

“Bosnia is being destroyed by those who are persistently rejecting a dialogue, and they are the leading Bosnian Muslim political parties, or what is around here known as the ‘Sarajevo political circle’,” Serb member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency Nebojša Radmanović told reporters yesterday.

“Apart from the few honorable exceptions, Sarajevo political circle behaves as if it is the center of the world and their unpreparedness to search for common solutions and work toward agreements is the source of instability and the key to Bosnia’s non-functional joint state institutions. It is becoming more and more apparent that Bosnian Muslims do not regard Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state of equal nations. Advocates of such policies are, in fact, destroying the country,” Radmanović told Belgrade daily Politika.

He stressed that political relations are being increasingly radicalized, especially in regards to the imposition of the constitutional reform. The heated political atmosphere in the country, according to Radmanović, is being fomented by those “who want to ensure the Office of the High Representative stays in Bosnia as long as possible”.

“Such politics, advocated primarily by the Bosnian Muslim parties, destabilize relations in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bosnia is a sovereign country and in sovereign countries the Constitution is not being reformed by the foreigners. Therefore, I am inviting all those whose mouth are full of Bosnia’s sovereignty, including the internationals, to leave the constitutional changes to Bosnia’s politicians, experts and NGOs. Because the decision on constitutional reform in all orderly states is reached by the two-thirds parliament majority,” Radmanović said.

Commenting Bosnian Muslim politicians’ negative reactions to the recent meeting Serbian President Boris Tadić held with the Premier of the Serb Republic Milorad Dodik and the leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Dragan Čović, Radmanović noted that no one objected to Tadić’s meeting with the president of the Bosnian Muslim SDA Sulejman Tihić and Bosnian Federation [Muslim] Vice President Mirsad Keba.

“Tadić, Dodik and Čović talked about the stability in the region. Tadić said that Serbia will support every agreement reached by Bosnia’s three constitutive nations — Serbs, Croats and Muslims. I can’t see what could be a problem with a meeting which reflects good neighborly relations,” Radmanović said.

He also commented the recent provocation Bosnian Muslims staged at the military polygon Manjača near Banja Luka, where Bosnian Muslim troops hoisted their war flag and the Islamic flag Bosnian and Arab mujahedin were carrying during the civil war, and chanted “Allahu Akbar”.

“Such behavior should not only be sharply condemned, but also punished, because it sows distrust between the ethnic groups, creates a poisonous climate and destroys faith in the joint armed forces,” Nebojša Radmanović said.

Bosnian Croats Seek Dissolution of Croat-Muslim Federation

The best proof that faith is indeed irreparably destroyed, is the fact there are ever louder calls among the Bosnian Croats for secession from a one-sided, oppressive and forced Croat-Muslim Federation.

In fact, Bosnian Croats have already formed the “Alternative Government of the Croat Republic Herzeg-Bosnia”, according to which, “the artificial Dayton creation of Bosnia and Herzegovina fell apart long ago”, and the leftover illusion of a country “is being kept alive solely in the interest of certain international powers”.

Bosnian Croats who, in order to accommodate Tudjman-resurrected Ustasha dream of finishing the genocide of Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, were forced to make quite a leap in acquiescing to an alliance with Izmetbegović’s clique in spite of the appalling atrocities Muslim troops were committing against the Croat, not just Serbian population, recently issued a public call for the formal peaceful disintegration of Bosnia, by which the utterly inefficient and unsustainable Croat-Muslim federation would be dissolved into a Croat and Muslim entity, with borders corresponding to those determined at the signing of 1995 Dayton Agreement, as in the case of the Serb Republic.

Bosnian Croats seek independence

Explaining their decision, Bosnian Croat Government stressed that the “main political problem in Bosnia are Bosnian Muslims who, relying on their numerical advantage, are openly pursuing hegemony, striving to subjugate and suppress the other two nations through the assimilation to a so-called ‘Bosnian nation’ […], which has no basis in history or law” and is met with “fierce political resistance” by the other two constitutive nations, Serbs and Croats.

“The key premise Bosnian Muslim politics is based upon is: ‘This is Bosnia, those who don’t like it should leave — Croats to Croatia and Serbs to Serbia’. Such a destructive attitude has been criticized by the other two nations which are doing their best to protect themselves from the hegemony. Lately, Bosnian Muslim media has been openly threatening Croats by the ‘war which could engulf Bosnian regions once again’, but repetition of those tragic clashes from the past would, in fact, represent an ultimate proof the situation in the present-day Dayton Bosnia is entirely intolerable,” the statement said.

According to the Bosnian Croats, the main threat to Bosnia’s stability is the “state syncretism”, i.e. “the amalgamation of Islam and politics within the Bosnian Muslim political circle”.

“By having the Islamic religious leaders behind all the political and state events, Bosnia is assuming characteristics of a Sharia state, with the governing system similar to the Islamic republics in Asia and Africa.”

“A direct result of this is the emergence of the Wahhabi movement, a radical faction with 300,000-400,000 adherents in Bosnia, who need not work at all, but are still given wages for their loyalty to the movement.

“Bosnian Muslim regions are economically most undeveloped in the world, despite the fact they received several tens of billions of euros in the investment funds since the end of war. Islamization is in full swing throughout Bosnia and in the capital Sarajevo, which has a negative impact on the other ethnic groups… Muslim political circle immediately ascribes every reminder of this problem to ‘islamophobia’, which is laughable when their numbers and the influence they have on events in Bosnia are taken into account”.

Sarajevo, a Ghetto for Non-Muslims

In the meantime, Serbian Orthodox churches are being increasingly targeted for attacks by the Bosnian Muslims, especially in Sarajevo which, according to Jovo Turanjanin, Director of the Serb Republic Department of Faiths, “became a ghetto for all who do not belong to the Islamic faith”.

“In Sarajevo, which is considered a multicultural town, Serbian and Croatian clergy cannot venture outside in their recognizable priestly robes. There is no doubt that responsibility for such intolerance and oppression lies upon the leading Muslim politicians, who are neither condemning the attacks on Christian shrines, nor making any attempts to prevent them,” Turanjanin said.

Painting the sidewalks green, outlawing children toys, banning Santa Clause from schools and nurseries, destroying and desecrating Christian shrines, restricting the freedom of movement to the Christian clergy, enforcing head covers and Sharia law have helped create Sarajevo in which no one is safe, since the reigns of power are being handed over to a bunch of demented extremists, implanted into Bosnia and tacitly backed by the Western imperial powers.

Wahhabis strolling through the Sarajevo food marketplace and cutting off ears to the grocers, including the Muslim ones, who happen to peeve their wives, complete the picture.

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