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Phase of “Soft” Ethnic Cleansing of Serbian Kosovo Province

Sep 6th, 2009 | By | In Commentary, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis

Bishop Artemije: We are Citizens of Serbia

Bishop of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija Diocese, His Grace Artemije
“We are citizens of Serbia”, Bishop of Ras-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija Diocese, His Grace Artemije

Unable to carry out the final pogrom of the remaining Serbs and other non-Albanians in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija while the World Court is deliberating on the illegality of Priština’s unilateral declaration of independence, ruling Albanian terrorists, guided by the Empire’s administrators, are using other methods to finish the ethnic cleansing of the province — “random acts of violence” against the province’s Serbs, populating predominantly Serbian north with Albanians and cutting off electricity to Serbian ghettos are among the favorite means KLA thugs employ nowadays.

Last Wednesday the electricity was cut off to the 14th century seat of Serbian Orthodox Church, Peć Patriarchate and Monasteries Gračanica and Devič.

Bishop of Ras-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija Diocese, His Grace Artemije, who was forced to leave his residence in Prizren (razed in March 2004 pogrom) and was moved to Gračanica Monastery, said his diocese will not sign any “agreements” with Albanian-seized “Kosovo Energy Corporation” (“KEK”, built and owned by the Serbs, by the way, in 1960s and 1980s), which are put together to extort tacit recognition of the mafia state on Serbian territory.

“This is the latest attack against the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija,” Bishop Artemije said.

“They first cut electricity off to Serb-populated villages. Once they were broken, the monasteries came under attack. They started during past winter, when Monastery Gorioč was left without electricity. In this way, they moved us back to the middle ages, only not the dark middle ages, but the golden ones. We shall illuminate our chambers with candles and vigil lamps, like our ancestors,” Bishop said.

“If Europe believes we need to be punished, so be it,” he added.

Bishop Artemije explained the issue has nothing to do with money, or paying the electricity bills, as the Western mainstream is always happy to report.

The problem is in the agreements Priština wants to force the head of Serbian Kosovo-Metohija Diocese to sign, by which the leader of Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo province would tacitly recognize illegal, terrorist state on Serbian territory.

“We want to pay the electricity, but not in a way they are demanding from us. We do not want to sign any of their papers. We are citizens of Serbia and we expect our state to help us with these problems,” Bishop Artemije said.

OSCE: Unrestrained Pillage of the Serb-Owned Property

In the meantime, OSCE had issued report [PDF] on “a significant number of sales of property belonging to Kosovo Serb displaced persons that have been sold without their knowledge”:

The means by which these properties have been sold varies but includes falsified powers of attorney, personal identification documents, and court stamps. Given their absence, displaced persons do not become aware of such transactions until after some time has passed.

The HPD/HPCC during its mandate dealt with a considerable group of such cases connected to serious allegations that several properties belonging to “Category C claimants” were being sold without their knowledge. The HPD/HPCC was established as a quasi-judicial organ by virtue of an UNMIK Regulation and operated outside the legal system, having its own rules of procedure and evidence for the resolution of claims which were adjudicated upon a recommendation from the HPCC.

These fraudulent transactions have enabled perpetrators to sell property on behalf of or “personally” by the owners who remain displaced from Kosovo and have not consented to the transaction. Transactions have being conducted on the basis of forged documentation that results in serious human rights violations constituting an impediment to return and property restitution for displaced persons.

Empire’s Children of the Night

Petersen at the Board Meeting of Empire's Latest Gang
Dane Petersen (R) at the May 2009 Board Meeting of the Empire’s latest gang for enforcing the NWO agenda and busting the sovereign states, that calls itself the Independent Diplomat.

Regarding some of those who are guiding the KLA thugs nowadays, they are luminaries such as Carne Ross, a former British Foreign Service Officer, former head of the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Soren Jessen-Petersen (also a personal friend of the chief Albanian butcher Ramush Haradinaj), Nicholas Whyte of one of Soros’ infamous witch conclaves ICG, Elisabeth Gross, former Transparency International employee and OSCE worker — where, o where — in Albania, and Mladen Joksić, snake oil salesman from Otpor — all of Empire’s and Soros’ Children of the Night, pushing for further fragmentation and dismemberment of Serbia, as long as the heroin and organ-harvesting dollars continue to pour in their coffers, of course.

The most beautiful, tear-jerking, incredibly moving detail is their preposterous claim to be diplomats with a conscience [PDF], proudly asserting that they “refuse to aid parties uncommitted to accountable, democratic governance and protection of human rights”, so, for example, “if Robert Mugabe came to us for advice, we wouldn’t help him”.

Well, if that doesn’t get the tears rolling down your cheeks, I honestly don’t know what would!

In other words, they would never — evah! — help someone who is an obstacle to the White Masters’ wanton plunder of Africa and whom the Anglo-American empire wants permanently removed or, in the best case scenario, cut into pieces and fed to the pigs.

They are so principled and high-minded that they’ll only help the upstanding war criminals and certified butchers such as Haradinaj, Ceku and Thaci, “committed to accountable, democratic governance and protection of human rights” although soaked in blood of the innocent up to their eyebrows, who are the same empire’s tool for destabilizing Balkans and weakening and controlling the Serbs.

You gotta love boundless British perversion of every shred of morality and common decency, and absolute, all-encompassing, astounding hypocrisy — all just to squeeze a buck here, a diamond there, free gallon of oil and a lump of coal. Paupers, bums, pickpockets and highway robbers through the ages and all of history.

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