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Kosovo is Serbia, by Dr. Vojin Joksimovich

Sep 8th, 2009 | By | In Books, Bytes 'n Bits, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis
Kosovo is Serbia, by Dr. Vojin Joksimovich

A Shameful Tale of Duplicity, Double Standards and Mismanagement

“This ebook tells the sad story of US foreign policy blunders in the Balkans. It is a shameful tale of duplicity, double standards, and mismanagement. The backing of Albanian terrorists, the bombing of Serbia and the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state mark a historic turning point. If Americans really want to know why their country is no longer regarded as ‘the home of the brave and the land of the free,’ they should read this ebook.” (James Bissett, Former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania)

Dr. Vojin Joksimovich, author of the 1999 book Kosovo Crisis: A Study in Foreign Policy Mismanagement, has made his new book Kosovo is Serbia available for instant download in the electronic format.

Kosovo is Serbia shows how “Serbian sovereignty was betrayed in violation of the UN Charter, the Helsinki Final Act, UN Resolution #1244 and the NATO Treaty, in order to curry favor to known Muslim terrorists in the Balkans”.

President Clinton, Secretary Albright and Jamie Shea lied—our State Department told the world that “Christian Serbs had killed 100,000 Muslim Albanians.”

We now know the so-called “Racak Massacre” of 45 Albanians was stage managed by Ambassador William Walker as a pretext to bomb Serbia. Hashim Thaci the Prime Minister of Kosovo and former leader of the KLA has admitted that Racak was a fabrication.

We also know that less than 5,000 were killed in Kosovo on both sides and to date 151 ancient Christian Serbian churches have been razed in the past 8 years, under the noses of 17,000 NATO troops.

This ebook exposes Washington’s duplicity that took us to war without an Act of Congress or a vote at the United Nations. NATO was converted into an aggressive force in violation of its own “defensive” Treaty.

Read how the American taxpayers were duped by State Department lies and phony Albanian deaths in order to build the largest American military base in the world since Vietnam—Camp Bondsteel—built on Christian Serbian soil without authority or compensation to Christian landowners was accomplished in order to favor Balkan Muslims and KLA terrorists. We should all be asking why?

This shocking ebook will open your eyes about American Foreign Policy. Read how your newspapers withheld information and utilized pictures of Christian Serbian victims, portrayed as Muslim victims, knowing full well the American public was too naive to realize they were being deliberately hoodwinked by journalists with their own hidden agenda who relied on Muslim runners to gather the information used in their articles—none of which could be independently verified.

From the outset, the American agenda was to amputate sovereign Serbian territory … Not since Hitler has an entire nation been so successfully demonized with collective guilt. The fix was in from the outset. Kosovo independence was a fait accompli, setting a dangerous precedent for future ethnic disputes around the world.

After reading this powerful ebook you will no doubt ask why the United States of America would bomb 11 Christian Serbian churches, 200 schools, 147 hospitals and nursing homes, trains, buses, 66 bridges, 8 airports, 64 telecommunications stations, including the bombing of Belgrade Television, 32 agricultural complexes, 78 industrial complexes and entire Christian Serbian villages. These were not military targets but the media managed to look the other way.

The worse crime was that Gen. Wesley Clark and NATO resorted to Ecocide against an entire nation by deliberately unleashing toxic chemicals and VCMs 10,600 times above normal and used illegal cluster bombs on civilian populations… war crimes by every definition.

Visit the website featuring Professor Joksimovich’s new book to order your copy today.


  • Precedent Created by “Unique” Case of Serbian Province of Kosovo

    Moldovans and the peoples of South Ossetia and Abkhazia are inspired by Kosovo’s so-called achievement of independence. That independence was forced upon the world by a small group of Western countries that claimed that Kosovo was an “exception.” This was a serious error– one country’s exception becomes other countries’ rule.


  • The Right of Might, Religion of the Psychopaths Ruling the…

    Understanding the world we live in and the appalling moves and decisions by the Western political elites is impossible without understanding the goals and beliefs of the psychopaths who run the show. If you are properly programmed and therefore quick to dismiss everything contrary to the popular mythology as a “conspiracy theory”, keep reading, because the joke is on you.


  • Stolen Kosovo – Uloupené Kosovo, Czech Documentary, 56:26


  • Serbs Stripped of Basic Human Rights

    During the past two decades, Serbia has been placed under a heavy magnifying glass by the West (or the “international community”, as Western politicians and their media prefer to call themselves), persistently scrutinized for any trace of deviation from an imposed political ideal, especially when it comes to the treatment of Serbia’s countless minorities. All along, however, the human rights of Serbs in Serbia and outside, although continuously and viciously violated, remain ignored.


  • Hundred and One Way to Finish Ethnic Cleansing of Kosovo…

    Serbian news agencies reported EU police (EULEX) and NATO forces in Kosovo province (KFOR) used teargas, rubber bullets and shock bombs for the third day in a row against Serbian protesters threatened by the construction of a new settlement for Albanians in predominantly Serb-populated northern Kosovo Mitrovica suburb Brdjani. Representatives of Kosovo Serbs warned of Albanian terrorists being infiltrated in the north part of town with a task to terrorize remaining Serbian population and instigate their another massive exodus from the province. At the same time, Albanian legacy poachers are erasing Serbian cultural, religious and historical heritage by presenting it as their own heritage.


  • Journalists of Serbia Seek Justice for their Colleagues Kidnapped and…

    The Association of Journalists of Serbia today staged peaceful protests in front of EULEX headquarters in Priština. In a meeting with EULEX Chief Yves de Kermabon, they requested investigations to be ordered regarding the journalists kidnapped and killed in Kosovo and Metohija province, in the period from the beginning of 1998 to the end of 2000.


  • Kosovo: Can You Imagine?, Boris Malagurski, 29:54


  • O’Connell: ICJ has Clear Case Against Severing Kosovo from Serbia

    American international law expert, Professor at Notre Dame University Mary Ellen O’Connell assessed the International Court of Justice has a clear case to declare imposed secession of Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija illegal and unlawful.


  • Ten Years of NATO-Induced Hell

    June 10 2009 marks ten years — 3,652 days — since the withdrawal of the Yugoslav Army and arrival of the international military and civilian mission to the Serbian Kosovo and Metohija province, after NATO aggression against Serbia. On that day ten years ago, before the eyes of 44,000 soldiers from 39 countries, 10,000 UN police members from 53 countries and over 10,000 UN administrators, a mass ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanians has begun.


  • Lt. General Stevanović: Kumanovo Agreement was Never Honored

    Kumanovo Agreement was signed ten years ago, on 9 June 1999, after 5 days of negotiations between the American and British NATO/KFOR representatives and Serbian military and police leadership. Ending the 78 days of NATO aggression against FR Yugoslavia, based on the Yugoslav side’s acceptance to withdraw its security forces and allow the international troops, under the UN auspices, to take over the peace and security in Kosovo province, the Military Technical Agreement signed in Kumanovo also contained some key guarantees given to Serbia by the NATO/KFOR, none of which, apart from cessation of aggression, were honored by the Western alliance.


  • Kaczynski: Polish Recognition was a Mistake


  • Kosovo is Serbia, Says Polish Post

    While the Polish government was among the first to condone illegal seizure of Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, recognizing it as an independent state — the first mafia state in Europe, governed by NATO and Albanian criminals — Polish Post continues to abide by the international law, treating the province as an integral part of Serbia.


  • Organ Harvesting Scandal Dismantling “Kosova”

    By now, there is hardly a single news agency in the world that has failed to report on Del Ponte’s revelations about her foiled investigation into the gruesome chain of crimes Kosovo Albanian leaders conducted during and after the end of NATO-backed KLA insurrection in Serbia, of kidnapping young and healthy Kosovo Serbs and harvesting their vital organs for sale.


  • Albanian KLA Attempts to Discredit Organ Harvesting Investigation

    “The purpose of fabricating the story of arrest of the alleged Serbian citizens and broadcast of allegedly captured conversations in which the three men are seemingly ‘attempting to persuade’ people to falsely testify about the KLA organ harvesting and trade, is to discredit and derail the investigation of the KLA post-war operations, of kidnapping young and healthy Kosovo Serbs and transporting them to northern Albania, where their vital organs were harvested for sale,” Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević said.


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