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Sep 11th, 2009 | By | In Bosnia, Bytes 'n Bits, Croatia, Earlier, Kosovo-Metohija Crisis, MSM Watch
Corporate Media

Have you read the latest news about the cutest squirrel in the world jumping in front of a young couple’s camera on vacation? Did you know that Michael Jackson’s brain wasn’t buried with the rest of his remains? How about the outrage over that evil Republican yelling “You lie!” to Obama, in the midst of another of his historical speeches? How horrific is the announcement that Oprah might quit her daytime show after this season, her only 19,678th in a row? Welcome to the Western mainstream media, where you get well entertained and superbly brainwashed, but never properly informed. The following are some of the profusely ignored news.

Ignored Kosovo and Metohija Province

NATO-formed Albanian police prevented some 80 members of the families of Kosovo Serbs kidnapped and killed in the southern Serbian province between 1998 and 2000 from reaching Velika Hoča to attend unveiling of the memorial to Serb victims of Albanian insurrection and terror.

Kosovo and Metohija Ministry issued a statement saying it is unacceptable for the interim authorities in Priština to block those who were on their way to Velika Hoča to honor the Serbs killed from 1998 until 2000.

Kosovo and Metohija Minister Goran Bogdanović said acts such as this are the best illustration of Kosovo interim administration’s treatment of Serbs and other non-Albanians in the province, speaking volumes about their vision of the multiethnic society.

“This puzzling move is deeply offensive, at the same time demonstrating that the temporary Kosovo institutions have no respect whatsoever toward the families of those killed and kidnapped. It also reveals their position toward the non-Albanian victims who died during the conflict in Kosovo,” Bogdanović said.

Meanwhile, Raška-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija Diocese reported yesterday that, in addition to the Peć Patriarchate and monasteries Gračanica, Gorioč and Devič, Priština Albanians have cut electricity off to the other Serbian Orthodox shrines and monasteries, including St. Archangels Monastery, Church of St. George, Sts Cyril and Methodius Theological University and Diocesan Residence in Prizren.

“It is a continuation of the offensive against the monasteries,” Kosovo-Metohija Bishop Artemije said.

On the same day United Nations noted the international problem of Serbian province of Kosovo has been prematurely and unjustifiably dropped by the mainstream media.

“10 Stories the World Should Hear More About”, published on Tuesday, is the latest list of subjects UN Department of Public Information (DPI) believes deserve greater global attention. Among them, “Kosovo Region”, the issue that is far from over, resolved and settled, despite the Western MSM insistence on treating it as fete accompli.

Since Reuters, AP, AFP, DPA and New York Times apparently believe accidentally photographed squirrel deserves more attention than the continuous ethnic cleansing of Serbian Kosovo province, it is no wonder it is virtually impossible to find the information that OSCE intends to shut down its Kosovo and Metohija mission, set up to protect the rights of non-Albanians in the province.

Russian Itar Tass is the world’s only news agency that reported on this, revealing the information was contained in the report on the situation in Kosovo province, submitted at a regular meeting of OSCE’s Permanent Council in Vienna, by the mission’s head Werner Almhofer.

Itar Tass said that the Russian government considers such a move, “under the guise of scaling down of international presence”, unacceptable.

“Such steps, sanctioned by no one, are unilateral, and they affect the overall activity under the mandate of that mission,” Russia’s ambassador to the OSCE, Anvar Azimov, was quoted as saying.

Ignoring the Inconvenient Bits from NATO Court in Hague

That Western MSM simply goes mum on the issues that contradict the common party line has been proven yet again in relation to the much advertised upcoming mock trial of another Serb in Hague, former Republic of Srpska President Radovan Karadžić.

So, no one in the West reported that presiding Judge O-Gon Kwon suggested the prosecutor should drop the charges related to two Markale marketplace shelling in Sarajevo (5 February 1994 and 28 August 1995), when dozens of civilians were killed and maimed. Kwon reminded the prosecution that there is a “controversy on which party was responsible for the shelling”.

In addition, Judge Kwon said that, unless the prosecutor has evidence President Karadžić personally fired the mortar shells, these crimes are not “representative” of the charges raised against Karadžić.

Needless to say, NATO prosecution cannot have any such evidence, since it has been established long time ago the shelling of the Sarajevo marketplace and a resulting massacre was a handiwork of Bosnian Muslims, two in a series of willfully committed war crimes in order to give NATO a pretext to bomb Bosnian Serbs. (Regarding the Markale Massacres, one should read about some of the evidence presented in the 16 January 1997 report by the U.S. Senate Republican Committee titled Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base, under the subtitle Self-Inflicted Atrocities)

On August 25, Karadžić asked the Hague council to request that France submits their intelligence documents on conclusions about the 1994-1995 Markale Massacre setups reached by the French investigators. He explained that French investigators operating within UNROFOR [UN Protection Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina] have established that Bosnian Muslim forces fired the mortar shells at the Sarajevo marketplace, and submitted a report about their findings, still classified confidential.

Karadžić stressed the well known fact that even former French Prime Minister Édouard Balladur confirmed to a reporter that Bosnian Muslims have “committed this carnage on their own people […] but at least they have forced NATO to intervene”.

Ignoring Unpleasant Reminders of Western Involvement in War Crimes Against the Serbs in Former Yugoslavia

Unclean French fingers and conscience represent another unpleasant reminder of the malignant role played by the most powerful Western governments in dismemberment of former Yugoslavia and Serbia, ethnic cleansing of the Serbs from Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo province, and the merciless drive to destroy Serbian lands and nation.

French daily Liberation yesterday reported that France was trying to prevent the Croat war criminal Ante Gotovina to come before the Hague court, fearing that his arrest could lead to revealing how the French intelligence services had helped the Croatian forces ethnically cleanse over 250,000 Krajina Serbs.

Quoting the diary of General Philippe Rondeau, the daily states that Rondeau, who was chief-of-staff of then Defense Minister Michelle Eloise-Marie in 2003, was a party to the talks on Gotovina’s surrender.

The minister was against bringing Gotovina to trial for “common interests,” as she put it, writes Liberation.

The daily explains that it was in France’s interests at the time to leave Gotovina at large in exchange for capturing another wanted indictee, although it is not clear exactly who.

The Hague chief prosecutor at the time, Carla Del Ponte, rejected the French proposal.

In his diary, Rondeau wrote that France feared that Gotovina’s arrest could lead to information being revealed on how the DGSE, French intelligence service, was helping the Croat troops.


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