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The Tall Tale of General Ratko Mladić’s Arrest

Jul 16th, 2011 | By | In Analysis, Bosnia, Controversy, Earlier, Former Yugoslavia

Gen Mladic taken to the investigative judge
Gen Mladić, as he was being taken to the investigative judge right after the arrest

The Muppet Show

“Spasi Srbiju i ubij se, Borise!” – Save Serbia and kill yourself, Boris! – is a few years-old slogan Serbs have been chanting to their president Boris Tadić – in the streets, in sports’ arenas, during frequent rallies and demonstrations.

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had an unexpected opportunity to find out first hand what, exactly, Serbs think about their president, when he insisted on dropping by a friendly match between Russian and Serbian junior football teams, during his recent brief visit to Belgrade. After greeting their favorite politician with salvos of songs and cheers, the entire arena erupted in the tectonic rhythm of the above slogan, with tens of thousands men announcing in unison the only favor President Tadić can do to his nation and country is to do away with himself.

Putin at Belgrade football arena

From the moment Tadić had stepped before the world press gathered in Belgrade to jubilantly announce – in English! – General Ratko Mladić has been arrested to be handed over to the Hague, stressing the doors to EU membership are now open for Serbia, “Save Serbia and kill yourself, Boris” was elevated to the status of a code phrase by which the Serbs recognize each other.

After this desperately pitiful performance, no amount of scurrying around wheat fields during harvest, no quantity of monkeying around the world’s tennis arenas, no measure of rooting for Djoković, no matter how many times he can raise three finger salutes, regardless of the number of times he can flash a 32-teeth smile behind the bulletproof glass, Boris can no longer hope to win a single Serbian vote fair and square.

And no, it is not about the grand treason per se, or the many times demonstrated will to do all the harm to his nation and country he can. Rather, it is about the final realization that Tadić and his government are such muppets, that even their own treachery must be delegated to others. They simply can’t be expected to do anything properly, however willing and eager they indeed are, so even the betrayals they are designated to commit must be left to capable outsiders.

It is the final realization that Tadić and his pathetic government, despite the paltry show they put on, did not locate General Mladić, they did not “capture” him, and they, in the end, were not the ones who handed the General over to the Hague. They are only nodding and bobbing their bobble heads, happy to claim the credit for someone’s else dirty work.

They are not even traitors, they are just a bunch of idiots.

Map of the places
Map showing location of Mladić’s alleged hiding place, as well as proximity to the Romanian border where, according to the WikiLeaks, some of CIA’s secret rendition prisons are located

The Official Story

According to the official version of the story of Ratko Mladić’s arrest, General Mladić was located and arrested on 26 May 2011, at 5:30 in the morning, in the village Lazarevo near the town Zrenjanin, in Serbia’s northern province of Vojvodina.

Three special units of Serbian security forces, according to the BBC, “descended” on Lazarevo in the wee hours of that fateful Thursday, raided four houses and found the General in the one which belongs to his relative Branko.

In the earliest installment of the official story, in its Croat variation, Ratko Mladić was using the “assumed name Milorad Komodić”. That embellishing bit (with a non-existent surname among the Serbs) was quickly scraped out, when the officers on site explained General’s own expired ID card was the only one he had.

Officially, Mladić hasn’t only refrained from using “two loaded guns” that were found on him, he was in fact more than cooperative, to the point of energetically congratulating the officers who have found him, with soldierly vigor and sparkle in his eye (“Yes! I am the one you have been looking for, I am General Mladić! Congratulations, you have found me!”).

He was in such good humor that he even poked fun at morose and business-like officers, regaling them with the stories about his guns, asking “where’s that American of yours” (“There are no Americans here” they said, “There’s always an American in these ordeals” said the General) and similar.

The official report claimed General Mladić had been living in Lazarevo for an undisclosed number of years – two, three or more – nobody knows and we are not told.

In one version, he was moving about quite freely, everyone in the village knew him, albeit without recognizing him, he was a friendly and merry fella who loved to chat with the villagers and play chess with them in the local tavern. In another version of the official General Mladić Arrest Story, Ratko Mladić spent those years in Lazarevo without ever leaving his cousin’s small, one level house, so if no one ever saw him, that’s why.

The official tale started to fall apart only hours later, when Mr. Šaljić, General’s lawyer, revealed the investigative judge decided to cut short the initial interview with Mladić, due to General’s “difficult psychological and physical condition”. It turned out that allegedly vivacious General who was supposedly so happy, talkative and impressed by his captors, was entirely unable to communicate, that he made several unsuccessful attempts to address the judge and prosecutors, and was “incoherent” when he managed to speak.

In the following days, it was also confirmed that Mladić’s alleged gregariousness had no base in reality: all General was interested in was seeing his dead daughter (who, according to another official story, committed suicide) – in the grave, or dug up and brought to his detainment cell in her coffin.

As for the proposition of his years spent in Lazarevo, neither version of that part of the story is backed by the facts.

Each of the four houses that were allegedly searched on the morning of General’s arrest, including the house in which General was found (after, allegedly, spending years in it), were thoroughly searched many times before that ominous morning – without results.

Lazarevo villagers – majority of whom happen to be Bosnian Serbs, originating from the region of Mladić’s birthplace – were rather infuriated by the proposition that General could have been living among them without being recognized, and even more enraged by the smug hints that someone from Lazarevo would report Ratko Mladić to the authorities.

As soon as they found out about the General being “discovered” and arrested in their midst, they gathered around Branko Mladić’s house, blocking the way to reporters and outsiders. They decided to rename their village to “Mladićevo” (Mladić’s Village). Some went to the entrance of their village to stick a collective message over the signpost: Ratko, Hero!

To this day, not a single Lazarevo inhabitant who had seen General in their village after the war could be found and identified. Furthermore, Branko’s first-door neighbors, who are visiting him daily in a place where the front doors are still left unlocked all the time, are denying any possibility of someone living in the same house hidden for so long, without ever being noticed or giving some sign of his presence.

Since General’s relative Branko refused to talk to media and the General was neither asked, nor able to confirm or deny the official story, we are left with only one “proof” for the official version of events, according to which Mladić had spent years hidden inside his cousin’s house. And that “proof” is that he – “appeared pale”. Which can only be because he was hiding inside that particular house for years, you see.

Ratko Hero, Lazarevo
Ratko Hero, entrance to the Lazarevo village after the arrest of Gen Mladić

By the time General’s son and wife shared their impressions after visiting Mladić the next day, the last bits of the officially designed truth melted away. Ratko Mladić didn’t recognize his own son and wife, he was disoriented and in such a poor state of health that, to them, he appeared a “broken man”.

From that moment on, when it became obvious that General Mladić was not living in Lazarevo, the truth of Mladić’s whereabouts during the past decade and his arrest became a subject of detective work for the nation, unearthing several versions of events – including the latter two, that no mainstream media able to spell NATO would touch with a ten foot poll.

Damage Control Version

In the Damage Control Version, contributed by the mainstream media as the gaping holes in the Official Version were gaping more by the minute, Mladić really wasn’t living in Lazarevo, but went there to hand himself over. His arrest was therefore a result of prolonged negotiations between the General and officials of mixed allegiances (in the UK media, it’s the MI6 he negotiated with, in USA, it’s CIA, in Germany, the BND, and in Serbia, with Serbian intelligence agency, BIA).

According to this version, Mladić offered to disband the fighters that were protecting him and to go to his cousin’s house in Lazarevo, to be “discovered” there in the early morning hours on May 26. In return, his wife and son would get the 10 million euros ransom, offered as a reward by the Fourth Reich Collective (USA/EU) via Serbia’s Muppet government, to anyone willing to report General’s whereabouts.

One of the problems with this version and its offspring, is the simple fact that Mladić clearly was not capable of conducting the kind of negotiations which would require such meticulous planning and covering up of his tracks, leading to a successful conclusion without interruption, i.e. without having his whereabouts uncovered before the designated time and place.

The second problem is the fact this version is entirely based upon the patently ridiculous assumption that General Mladić would place his trust in CIA/MI6/BND/BIA agents and believe they would honor their part of the agreement after he hands himself over. Anyone who knows the first thing about General Mladić would laugh such presumption off, without having to be reminded of a spectacular way in which President Karadžić was duped by the same lot.

Finally, it turned out that the ransom money was neither claimed nor given to anyone. When asked about the blood money, Serbia’s Muppet Minister of Internal Affairs Ivica Dačić solemnly declared that his officers who, according to him, ought to be credited for Mladić’s discovery and arrest, have declined the money.

Mladić’s family neither expected nor received anything.

Getting Warmer: Camp Bondsteel Version

As soon as the arrest was announced, Mladić’s biografer and long-time friend Ljiljana Bulatović publicly accused Serbia’s Muppet government and media of spreading the basest lies.

“Our government and Ministries of Internal Affairs and Justice are duty-bound to reveal where was General Mladić brought from in this appalling state, since everyone is fully aware he was not living in Lazarevo”, said Ms. Bulatović.

She reminded the public of Serbia’s late publicist Brana Crnčević who insisted that General Mladić was being held captive in Camp Bondsteel, US Army base built in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija after NATO aggression and bombardment.

Gen Mladić with Ljiljana Bulatović

According to him, the purpose was to break the General down through prolonged distress and torment, using the contemporary humane torture methods like waterboarding and Abu Ghraib-style abuse, and hand him over to the media and The Holy Inquisition (Hague) as a demented ruin of a man, tearing General’s legendary status among the Serbs apart, while rendering him incapable of much more than signing his admission of guilt for everything, from Kennedy’s assassination on.

“He will be ‘presented to the public’ only when he gets sufficiently impaired”, said Crnčević, who passed away two months before General Mladić was “discovered”.

Indeed, it was soon leaked to the press that Ratko Mladić had suffered three strokes, two heart attacks and has earned a lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic cells) during his years “in hiding”, none of which he received any treatment for.

Quite a list of deadly diseases for a man in his sixties who was allegedly climbing mountains, crisscrossing the forests and hills and living off the wild berries for the good portion of the past decade.

Once in the Hague, according to Vojislav Šešelj, Serb politician who has been detained by The Inquisition for the past nine years and in the very same prison block where General Mladić was brought, Ratko Mladić was being held in an isolated cell during the entire week, in complete darkness.

“We can’t go there, but we can see that something is happening, some men are going in and out all the time, probably trying to make him sign things, confessions and stuff, while he’s still disoriented and isolated from the rest of the world”, Šešelj said during one of his public court appearances.

Secret Rendition Version

The version of events that was drowned sooner than it could be noticed was delivered by an anonymous French agent who said he was an eyewitness to Mladić’s detainment in one of CIA’s Eastern European secret rendition prisons, in Romania, Serbia’s northern neighbor, and took part in General’s transport to Lazarevo, where he was to be found.

According to the French operative, Mladić was captured by the foreign secret service agents in 2002 and taken to CIA’s secret prison in neighboring Romania. There, he was tortured and abused until his mental and physical health was ruined and his knowledge of events and foreign participation in war-torn Bosnia could no longer be presented in a coherent, credible manner.

Even the present Serbian NATOphilic government, according to this version, was reluctant to “capture” Mladić at a predetermined time and place and deliver him to the Hague, out of fear such a move would cost them dearly in the elections. But to the Washington-Brussels Axis it was essential that Mladić is “captured” in Serbia, by the Serbs. So, the way they bridged the slight unpleasantness with the Serbian Muppets was to assure Tadić and his cronies this would be the golden key that opens the EU candidacy door. And that possibility, according to the Forth Reich commissars, would offset the loss of votes Mladić’s handing over to the Hague will cause.

The embarrassing fact that the news about General Mladić’s arrest was first announced by the Croat media, before being publicized in Serbia, speaks loudly on its own. The Muppet playing the role of Serbia’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Dačić was unable to explain how is it possible that Croat press gets to break the news of the alleged capture of General Mladić in Serbian village Lazarevo before he was aware of it.

However, if Ratko Mladić was captured and imprisoned long before the official version of events, if he was held by the foreign secret services outside Serbia, and if Croat translators and co-conspirators were aiding their NATO partners as they would, then it becomes quite easy to explain how the Croat media knew about the staged arrest before anyone in Serbia.

And, interestingly enough, after all the thundering about arresting and punishing “anyone and everyone” who was aiding and abetting General Mladić during the past decade, Tadić’s Muppet congregation arrested no one on those charges. Not even Mladić’s relative Branko who, as the official story goes, was doing no less than hiding Ratko Mladić in his own kitchen cupboard for years.

It would appear that, unless Tadić intends to personally arrest and detain CIA’s Eastern European wing for “harboring a fugitive” of such high profile, there really is no one left he can stage a similarly amusing foaming and roaring fit for. After everything is said and done, it is hard to imagine even his own children would be anywhere near impressed.

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  1. http://syedhassaanahmed.blogspot.com/2011/04/you-know-youre-zionist-when.html

  2. Good article as always.

    I have not heard that he was renditioned and tortured but I did theorise that he will probably be drugged to hamper his defence.

    Have you been following the events in Norway?

    Looks like Operation Gladio 2.0 with underground “right wing” extremist terrorist network across Europe ready to wage war against “cultural Marxists and Islam”. LOL!


    Just so happens like the most prominent jihadists the Oslo killer had connections to London.

    I would not be surprised if there was also some Balkan connection.

  3. The Breivik “barbarous massacre”, to borrow the popular MSM phrase, seems to boil down to Here’s What Happens when Governments for the People and By the People continuously blow raspberries up the Peoples’ nose, choosing to follow the Elite alone.

    It’s hard not to wonder whether the Nazi labels are nowadays exclusively designated for the murderers of the privileged, and if the derangement, barbarism and Hitler comparisons depend solely on the victims, where the Serbian and other subhuman victims simply don’t count. And how is Breivik more of a deranged fascist monster than NATO pilots who kept turning back to drop more DU bombs on Serbs to cause more carnage?

    Breivik has simply done the exact same thing Western governments are doing all along: taking potshots at ideological enemies, while disregarding their age, sex and the fact they can’t defend themselves. The only difference is that Breiviks do get punished.

  4. @Hassaan

    Since 79 Pakistan has been the biggest whore of the US empire supporting Islamic terrorism around the world, fighting their proxy guerrilla wars and trying to cut deals with the Taliban and US energy companies prior to 9/11.


    Islam is the mercenary force of the NWO.


    You don’t think this is part of a covert intelligence network now that he said that they are 80 such solo units ready to commit similar attacks across Europe?

    “The 32 year-old boasted that he was just one of up to 80 “solo martyr cells” recruited throughout Western Europe who were ready to follow his example of trying to overthrow governments tolerant of Islam.”


    He had extensive links to the English Defence League.


  5. @Jack, re: a covert intelligence network

    Quite possible, since there’s a number of elements pointing to another Hegelian script (problem>reaction>solution), so cherished by the NWO Brotherhood. Operation Gladio 2 indeed. (Gotta love the “Christian fundamentalist” bit, though! as someone wisely noticed: Never let a crisis go to waste)

    Still, the fact remains that there are many people who are more than pissed by the constant stifling of all dissenting voices and an Orwellian nightmare that is becoming more evident by the hour, wherever one looks.

    I admit it is a “coincidence” verging on a miracle that it is precisely those dissenting voices who have now found themselves before the NWO firing squad. How convenient.

    Few more things I find interesting:

    – RT aired an interview with Breivik’s Swedish friend who concluded he “must have been brainwashed”, since there never was anything that would point to any radical views;

    – It surfaced that Breivik’s Facebook profile was inexplicably changed (from Norwegian to English, and to include “Christian” and “Conservative” adjectives) at the same time Breivik was committing carnage. The question now is if we can trust all the words and writings attributed to Breivik are indeed his own;

    – another question, as always, is who is going to profit from this carnage, as there are undoubtedly those who profit from every massacre. I think it’s safe to say it’s not going to be the Christians, or conservatives (versus liberals), or nationalists in any sense (from those who prefer not to feed their children and livestock with Monsanto’s GM freak soups, through those who’d like their culture and traditions preserved outside museums, to those who are vociferously against the global melting pot dictatorship we’re forced to cheer on).

    I suspect it will be another profitable massacre for the NWO – which just happens to be everyone Breivik allegedly tagged as an enemy – with internet shrinking down, web sites and blogs closed left and right, more “hate speech” legislation, prohibiting the mere questioning of any official “truth”, less freedom, more dread and fear from elusive “enemies among us” that only the Big Brother can protect us from (making the sheeple much more pliable and readier to support the customary Let’s Bomb the Hell out of Them! ‘solution’ for any crisis), and fewer and fewer places where dissent of any kind can be uttered.

    If there were no “Christian fundamentalist conservative nationalist and anti-globalism” terrorists, the NWO trolls would have to invent them for all the good they can milk out of them.

    P.S. Operation Gladio documentary added to the top right. Very instructive, thanks!

  6. @De-Construct.net

    It is the latest British operation to destabilise Russia having failed with their jihadist network by created an international fascist network to support fascists in Russia to commit terrorist attacks against Muslims sparking this civil war they want like Yugoslavia so they can dismember Russia into 3 separate states steering their Brzezinski/Rothschild/British pre-9/11 foreign policy towards Russia and control of Eurasia away from their current Israel centred Neocon Mid East policy especially war with Iran.

    Brzezinski has wrote about this in his books noticeably The Grand Chessboard (97) and Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower (2007) and has been at the forefront of organisations directing US/NATO policy against Russia including the Balkans.

    His CSIS thank tank with Kremlinologist Andrew Kuchins, formerly of the Carnegie Endowment in 2007 wrote a thesis of scenarios of then President Putin being killed, Russia engulfed in civil war and ruled by a fascist nationalist government.


    This idea of there being civil unrest and a fascist anti-western nationalists coming to power is a constant theme in books, video games and films.

    This new international fascist movement had a meeting with fascist leaders around Europe in London 2002 to coordinate and create an Al Qaeda style network.

    “In his manifesto Breivik said the gathering in London was “not a stereotypical ‘rightwing’ meeting full of underprivileged, racist skinheads with a short temper”. Instead, he claimed those present were successful entrepreneurs, “business or political leaders, some with families, most Christian conservatives, but also some agnostics and even atheists”.

    Breivik said the handful of far-right activists had travelled to London from across Europe, and most had not met each other before. He did not name those present, but claims two of them, including the host, were English, as well as one French, one German, one Dutch, one Greek, one Russian and one Serbian. “They obviously wanted resourceful, pragmatical [sic] individuals who were able to keep information away from their loved ones and who were not in any way flagged by their governments.”

    At 23 years old, Breivik says he was the youngest person at the meeting, and had first been put in contact with others in the group by a “Serbian crusader commander”.

    At the end of the sessions, he says, he was “ordinated as the 8th justicar knight for the PCCTS, Knights Templar Europe” the name he uses to sign off the last entry in his diary before carrying out Friday’s attacks.

    It was at this meeting that he also claims to have struck up his friendship with his mentor. Breivik says he and “Richard”, who took the pseudonym in reference to Richard the Lionheart, had a “relatively close relationship”.

    According to the document, the meeting in London was followed by two larger events held in “Balticum”, which attracted people from all over Europe. He says there was a high level of security at the gatherings, adding that those attending were told not to communicate to people outside.

    “Some of us were unfamiliar with each other beforehand, so I guess we all took a high-risk meeting face to face electronic or telephonic communication was completely prohibited, before, during and after the meetings. On our last meeting it was emphasised clearly that we cut off contact indefinitely. Any type of contact with other cells was strictly prohibited.”


  7. Brzezinski is a satanist and the most dangerous psychopath who should be locked up in an asylum for the rest of his earthly days. After he gets tried by the actual International Court for the crimes against peace, genocide and crimes against humanity, of course. Instead, he is placed behind the US foreign politics’ steering wheel.

    The other part, below, is about Berezovsky

    A MEGA SWINE, well known for his filthy role in bleeding Russia dry during the drunken Yeltsin era, for his use of pillaged loot to bribe banana-states governments of former Soviet Union, such as Estonia, to taunt, smear and spit on Russia, for his public oath that he’ll do everything in his power and spend every penny of the fortune he pillaged from Russia to destroy Putin, and for actually focusing his daily activities on the ways of destroying Russia. Public hanging of that man would be way too merciful.

    That Britain is serving, servicing and protecting such a swine is a national shame beyond par.

  8. Greetings De-Construct.net

    Nice to see you back , giving up karadic, mladic and hadzic wont get serbia into the EU. They could recognize kosovo and still it would never be enough.

    Please send me an email

    Sa Verom u Boga, Sloboda ili Smrt

  9. Of course it won’t get us into the EU. And THANK GOD that nothing ever will! We should be sending the Brussels commissars a Thank You card every now and then for that.

    Email coming

  10. @De-Construct.net

    After he gets tried by the actual International Court for the crimes against peace, genocide and crimes against humanity, of course.

    The actual criminal court was created as a propaganda outlet to convict the Serbs as being the main culprit of the Balkans wars with the finance and lobbying efforts of Queen Beatrix and George Soros.


    That Britain is serving, servicing and protecting such a swine is a national shame beyond par

    They are not serving them they are agents of the British lead NWO.

    Before anything happens in Washington it is planned and devised in London.